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ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
I am nearly 15 weeks and am getting alot of headaches, seem to have them every day and also have woken up during the night and two different nights. Is anyone else getting headaches all the time, do you think I should get it checked out with my GP.
grumpy Posts: 1280
At that stage in the pregnancy, I got really bad headaches when I didn't drink enough. I probably needed about 3 litres a day to keep myself hydrated. Its not quite as bad now though. Our body fluids are up significantly, so we really do need a lot of liquids. Also, there is a lot more of every type of body fluid produced, so you could be getting bunged up with mucous (yack - I hate that word!) either.
bellabella Posts: 2750
Hi how are you feeling? here is a thread about headaches, Ducky was a happy camper afterwards good luck.
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
Hi bellabella thanks for that htread, have been drinking loads of water today, its just so hard, but don't feel as bad thank god. Also left a glass of water beside the bed and had that before I got up this morning. So hopefully if I just keep the water intake high the headaches will stay away. Thanks again
Ducky Posts: 2506
I was indeed a happy camper after bella bella's advice. :o)ll I must have had three weeks of a pounder that would not go away, no matter what I tried. weeks 15-18 were terrible as a result. Not as bad now but still happens now and again. I got massages, I had physio and accupuncture treatment, I went to bed, I sniffed mint/lavender/etc etc, I pressed accupuncture trigger points, I did yoga, I walked, I drank water until I turned into a fountain, I screamed at DH, I took screen breaks, I did every thign you can think of (including popping paracetamol in desperation) and nothing shifted it. Then, I had a coffee and bingo, pain gone. If I feel that particular type of headache coming on, I have a coffee. Just the one, probably need to do it 2-3 times a week. I don't feel guilty, that's well within the allowed caffeine amount. Checked with doc and he just laughed and said that if it worked, he had no problem, just no more than 3 cups a day (no where near that). Try it. My baby will probably be born hating coffee, but it's been a Godsend :thnk