headcold - advise please?

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mariac Posts: 982
have awful headcold - any advise on how to treat this? had one hot whiskey last night on mothers advice
mariac Posts: 982
ps - am 21 weeks
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
I took honey & lemon in hot water and found it great, maybe add a tiny bit of ginger also. Definitely helped me during pregnancy. HTH :wv
agie Posts: 1107
i tried honey lemon for a few days and gave in, now taking paracetamol and getting a bit more relief. i know some people really dont like taking tablets. ive tried avoid tablets throughout but the head cold was making me miserable and felt it was moving into my chest.
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
a bowl of vicks and hot water with a towel over your head will free up your nasal passage and drink plenty of fluids prop your self up with plenty of pillows so you can sleep easier