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Aurge Posts: 1456
Hi Girls :wv Delighted to say Im new to this section :o)ll Bit of a dumb ass though. I dont have health insurance. I know, we must be the only idiots that were ttc with no ins. Anyway, only heading to the doc on Fri to confirm my pg, yep, Im that new :o0 Was going to ask him about this anyway but just incase any of you know.....can I book health insurance now or will they not cover me at all because I know Im pg now? Was looking to go semi private in the rotunda but seems a bit steep if we have to pay it all ourselves. Any advice would be great, thanks. :wv
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
have no advice really i have vhi only got it last year and was told baby would have to be born after date i took out policy so i got it lets say aug 8 08 baby would need to be born aug 8 09 for full coverage iykwim so i missed the boat too but you could ring quinn i think they give coverage sraigh away
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
sorry to say you're too late. most (if not all) have a waiting period of a year (that's until you have your baby) i just joined last June, am due this September and I'm covered, only just though!
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
yes the girls are right you would have no cover, and would have to pay from your own pocket
red_rubies Posts: 2424
:o)ll :o)ll Congrats again Aurge!! :o)ll :o)ll Unless you're planning on going private it prob won't make much difference. I have full VHI cover but I am going public anyway, can't justify paying €4k when it would come to good use after the baby is born! Two friends of mine had babies recently & neither had insurance, both pregnancies & care went fine & one of them had a c-section.
LoveACuppa Posts: 296
Congrats! :) Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy! I have VHI but am going public as there is no difference in the standard of care and the only difference would be the possibility of having 4 beds in the room instead of 6 (and this couldn't even be guaranteed), so it didn't seem worth the extra 1,000 euro I would have had to pay on top of my VHI in order to go semi-private. Also, when I changed to private, I got my appointments with the midwife / consultant / scan almost 3 weeks sooner than I was due to have them as a semi-private patient! Best of luck.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
No unfortunately you have to go through a waiting period of 1 year before you can claim using your insurance. But you should be able to claim back some of the expense through the med 1 form you get 20% back i think. congrats on the bfp