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30thmay2006 Posts: 235
Hi all, sorry for asking this question which has been asked sooo many times but to be honest i'm still confused. We will be trying very soon for a baby so just doing research at the mo... myself and my husband currently have plan D with VHI, really not sure if we should stay with this plan or even with VHI ??? I would really like to go private or semi private in the Rotunda or Holles st for pregnancy but when i read up on their website i'm still confused as to what we will have to pay towards everything, how much we will actually have to hand out??? any help greatly appreciated. thanks Nixer
Yummy Mummy Posts: 138
Ring them, I find them VHI very helpfull. when i first rang them after I found out I was pregnant, they went through everything in detail with me.
30thmay2006 Posts: 235
I sent them an email asking them if i was on the right plan and they said to change to family plan plus but from what i have read on their website there is no obvious difference except for price.