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shelly21 Posts: 49
Hi All, I hope someone can help me with this question. #
BlushingB Posts: 1634
If you try to claim for anything related to maternity / pregnancy in your first year then no, you won't be covered. You'll only get money from them for claims that you submit in your second year.
shelly21 Posts: 49
Thanks BlushingB I'm not too surprised at that. So I should have taken it out last Sept to be covered if I get lucky straight away.......... .........I'm NEVER that organised! But I suppose it's no harm getting it for cover for the little one whenever that may be!
sunshiniest Posts: 303
Thank you Shelley 21 for being more organised than me! I never ven thought of it. I'm on Plan B VHI but currently on VHI Global as I'm travelling - think I can switch straight back to VHI ordinary unhindered on my return. Hubbie and I r TTC but I don't know how the cover works. If anyone knows can they please tell me!! Thanks!
sally Posts: 1140
When I got my VHI the rep said they would waive the 12 month waiting period for maternity benefit for me as I said I was hoping to get pregnant and if I was not entitled to anything I wouldnt sign up. I never got anything in writing though and didnt concieve straight away so I dont know what would have happened if I had to claim. Might be worth discussing it with them though, after all they want your business.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
If you don't have any luck with VHI, it might be an idea to try Quinn - they're very keen for new business. Good luck!
breeze Posts: 1175
Im with Vivas and i just called them there. If you have had previous health care you do not have to wait the 1 year to claim. We were with Bupa, but because there were pulling out of the Irish market i had to go with them. Cheapest around. HTH
sunshiniest Posts: 303
I'll check up on it as soon as I get home. Presume I'm probably fine as global is an branch of VHI and I've been with them for years. An email wouldn't go astray though! I can always move to Vivas! Thanks for the feedback :thnk