Healthy eating and pregnancy

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esmum Posts: 426
How have you changed your diet since finding out? I would really appreciate if somebody could post a typical days food. The recommended list in any pregnancy book I have just list portions and Im really feeling confused. Thanks in advance.
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi 15/07/09. My intentions at the start were so over stretching there was no way I was going to manage it but gradually I fell into a pattern and am actually fairly chuffed with how I'm doing. I'm not a healthy eater generally but I find this very manageable. It does help that I'm craving some of the below. I surround myself with fresh fruit and veg and removed all the crap. Thats the first thing! Crisps and chocolate have gone off the shopping list and instead I have a high quality ice cream and low quality ice pops for craving purposes!! At least I'm getting something from ice cream. I start work very early so breakfast at home isn't an option so I have a big glass of milk before I leave. I bring a yoghurt, 2 carrotts and 2 mandarins in a lunchbox to work and they're my snacks. I always have weetabix for breakfast in work, a meat & salad sandwich on brown bread and indulge in a bag of lite crisps for lunch. Also I keep cup a soups handy for any slump in between that the carrotts won't fill! I keep a glass of water on my desk all day. Then the minute I get home it's more milk or if I'm hungry more wheetabix. Then it's dinner which I'm a little bold with the odd time. Trying to stay away from pasta cause it's bloating and empty so instead get nice potatoes. slice them into wedges with the skins on (for fibre) and throw them onto a tray and into the oven with some oil and I delude myself that they're healthy chips! But I don't care cause they're filling and minimum work! Then I have a fridge full of veg and no excuses that the rest of my dinner will be good and healthy! I eat a lot of chicken fillets, and I love steaks and homemade burgers. Lots of lean meat. I'd probably have another 2 or three glasses of milk then before bed. The rest of the crunchy stuff that I consume ranges from apples to cabbage stalks! Raw turnips and radishes! I'm very lucky with my cravings! The key for me is surrounding yourself with good food and not having crap in the house. Also don't allow yourself to get hungry cause you'll only eat something you'll regret! So I don't think about portions of this that or the other at the end of the day at all, I just eat as best I can.
esmum Posts: 426
Thanks a mill for the reply . Im kinda doing the same stuff myself . Just trying to be as healthy as possible.
babybuttons Posts: 886
im not as good to be honest. i do try though. i have loads of fruit etc in the fridge for snacks but i do have the odd bag of chickatees or something. i naturally drink about a litre of milk a day always have so that is no problem. and maybe once a week i will have take away (mac donalds or local chipper :-8 :-8 for brekie i have brown bread etc and lunch i have some sort of sandwhich and dinner could chicken or steaks etc etc. although i tend to feel ill in the evenings so i just have something small with a yogurt and some fruit
snowbear Posts: 2107
neeov Posts: 4256
I prioritize three things: 1. Fruit and veg to keep things regular (very important!!!) 2. More calcium 3. More protein Loads of fruit available always (bring in to work in a lunch box with one of those freezer blocks) Home made veg soup in the freezer for snacks Cereal bars for snacks instead of chocolate, but I don't think they are much better really. Cheese for more protein, great in sandwiches, melted on toast, yum. Also has calcium. I have low fat yogurt for desert to get more calcium. tesco have a great choice. Stay away from the real diet stuff as its got artificial sweeteners in it. I have normal breakfast (wholemeal toast with marmalade) but have orange juice to help absorb iron supplement I have as big a lunch as possible as I get hungry in the afternoon and I can't eat much late at night. Big sandwiches, soup and fruit. I have normal dinner, but smaller sizes to keep away heartburn. Chicken, lean beef and some white fish. Chocolate milk (cola cao in skimmed milk), yummy before bed and helps heartburn. I have crisps and chocolate too, I just try to keep a lid on it. This is more successful at some times than others!!! You will never eat all the suggested foods in the books unless you combine (i.e. cheese does calcium and protein) and its probably best to stick to something that both you and Dh can eat together or it becomes a real hassle. I'm sure you are doing fine. Time for an orange.....
babybuttons Posts: 886
well i have no issue with trying ot eat cheese. i am nearly gone orange with the amount of cheddar i am eating these days. i LOVE it on its own melted, on crackers with ham. hmm think its cracker and cheese and ham for me now
mooky Posts: 1501
wow.. i feel guilty after reading that... i've eaten chocolate almost everyday. cant seem to help myself, but its been my only downfall really. my Monday-Friday diet is porridge for breakfast every morning with goji berries and flaxseed, fresh squeezed oranges lunch - pineapple, strawberries and blueberries for lunch with a wholemeal pitta toasted with ham and cheese... lots of water through the day and 1 cup of coffee (2 at the most) then dinner, sometimes followed by FRUIT N FIBRE (Cant get enough of that stuff).. but in there somewhere there always seems to be a bar of chocolate!!
brunette Posts: 234
Im trying my best but finding it hard as I work shifts ie 12 hour days. Ive cereal in morning and sometimes tea and toast. for lunch Ill try to have a sandwich. Also have fruit water and yougarts or pots of rice during the day. Problem is Im not home until half 8 or later and Im starving but its too late to cook so I end up having more cereal. My husband is a useless cook God bless him. Anyone know some quick healthy dinner options. Im too tired to cook so Im talking really easy stuff here. Please help.
djdee Posts: 2118
For breakfast I have 2 weetabix with piles of flaxseed, seaseme seeds and pumpkin seeds on top, then i have an iron supplement with a glass of orange juice along with my pregnacare, usually have a yoghurt and a banana then. I have lunch at 12 o clock usually, and that could be anything from home made soup to a wrap with roast chicken breast with sweetcorn, cheese, salad and tomato with juice or pint of water. Dinners are usually made from fresh so anything from chicken pie, spaghetti bol to chicken currys, or quiche with salad. I snack a bit at night, thats my one down fall but always try to snack on lots of fruit as well to make up. on in all I try and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg a day, oh and I drink milk by the gallon too. I buy 6 litres of milk now instead of 4 with the weekly shop. I dont eat fish unfortunately, but do take omega 3 supplements and also the flax seed has omega 3 in it too. I also take 2 supplements of iron a day, spatone in morning and galfer in the evening. HTH :wv