Healthy eating in Pregnancy

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october12 Posts: 41
Hello ladies, I'm just over 10 weeks pregnant, I know all the usual things of not to eat mainly the soft cheeses but what else can you not eat? Every time I eat something I panic and say can I eat this or not so I google it and the confusing thing about some things is that you're meant to eat some things (dried apricots for example) but not too much of it - how do you know what's too much. I know you're meant to eat fish twice a week but I haven't been doing so as not a fish lover but am going to try - then it says by not eating enough fish could harm babys development. Thanks for the help, it's just a little confusing
lilytiger Posts: 536
I've been avoiding things like the unpasteurised cheeses, pate, cold meats like salamis and Parma ham etc. smoked salmon and uncooked shellfish, but I'll eat Brie and goats cheese once it's cooked (rind removed) and will also eat shellfish once cooked as well... If you don't like fish and won't eat it, you could take the pregnacare with omega as that's the fish oils they recommend for brain development etc.. That said, I didn't take any supplements this time other that's folic acid so it's up to you...