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Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
Looking for some ideas for what to take to work for my lunch thats healthy.. thought soupfuls were a good idea to take, but was looking at them today in tesco and they contain 40% of your RDA of salt..
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
make some homemade soup or some pasta salads or my new favourite baked potato with curried beans and cheese or coleslaw and cheese
rocj Posts: 799
i thought we couldnt eat coleslaw when pregnant? If i was thinking wrong then good cuase i really like it and was not eating it cause i was afraid to.
Mrs Ellie Posts: 266
I thought the same about the coleslaw.. i love it and was dissapointed when doc said not to eat it!
rocj Posts: 799
well if your doc said it then i would go with that. Its just another thing to add to the list.
jelly beans Posts: 170
can eat coleslaw once it's made with mayo that uses pasteurised eggs (which most shop bought ones are!). also recommended (though i didnt) to stay away from some sandwich / deli places if you're not happy how clean place is or that food is kept at right temperatures!
lcarrick Posts: 1639
i was told not to eat the one that ya get at the salad bar, its ok to buy the one already in a tub!
ciaraella Posts: 5323
i've been having coleslaw with no problems, the shop bought ones are fine, i'd avoid the deli/salad bar ones as you can't be sure if it's been refrigerated properly or sitting around for ages. for lunches i've been having homemade soup with brown bread, home made sandwiches, tuna and crackers ( i think you need to limit tuna to around twice a week), home made salads with filling things like boiled eggs, chick peas, cheese, salmon. and also just a bit of whatever is left over from dinner the night before