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sunflower1 Posts: 154
Hey everyone Just wondering if anyone has any healthy dinner or lunch ideas. Can be hard to be healthy, can get kinda boring!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :wv :wv
Junewife07 Posts: 276
ideas of what to bring to work for lunch would be great too. thanks.
dollybird222 Posts: 184
Lunch Wholegrain pitts breads filled with whatever salads you like no mayo try using one of the italian vingerettes for extra taste tub of jelly (10cal only) Fruit salad with low fat yougury ww no point soup carrot cumber chopped into sticks and dipped into low fat hummous or make ur own hummous beans on toast Dinner stirfrys Stuffed peppers with mince and oinon or any veg you like steamed fish and roasted veg ww no point curry Theres lots more ill add them as i think
Junewife07 Posts: 276
dollybird222 Posts: 184
I posted all those healthy options and ive just eaten nearly a whole packet of biscuits im back to work moro and from then all the crap is being cut out want to start looking for my dress and want to be a skinny minny for it the bloody stress :o0
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Stuffed peppers with mince and oinon or any veg you like sounds nice!!! How exactly do you do them??? I always end up with one or two peppers left over!!! :o0
dollybird222 Posts: 184
its real simple and quick mince in a pan with olive oil or that low cal spray (i use quiorn mince) chop onion, carrot and muchrooms and fry them altogether i also put in tinned tomatoes for extra flavour when cooked spoon into the pepper and oven roast for about 20mis until the pepper is soft or to the way u like it anyone else have good suggestions doing my shopping list for later
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
VERY SILLY QUESTION ON THE WAY...................... Do you just cut the top of the pepper and fill or use it half kinda like a boat?
dollybird222 Posts: 184
i just cut the pepper at the top and then fill it hee hee i think your question is very valid compare to some of the tings i have asked :o0
lisadolan Posts: 46
Can someone post the recipe for ww no point curry