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Number2inNov Posts: 447
Hey girls, I know this has probably been done so many times before! :-8 Lately I've become very bad at snacking! And it's all the bad stuff I go for first - cookies, crisps, chocolate, etc, etc. I try to be good sometimes and have things like tuna or porridge, but then just get bored of them. So I was hoping for some suggestions on low cal, low fat snacks so that I can vary it up a bit! Thanks in advance for any recommendations! :thnk
windycity Posts: 2241
I love rice cakes with either smoked salmon and phil cheese or with peanut butter - the sugar free stuff you get in health shop, with banana sliced on top.. very tasty. Always have them watching tv or when I come hoem from work n have to head out again. I eat about 20 of them though :o0
sona sasta Posts: 585
Small apple/banana/kiwi/strawberries Low fat yoghurt Crackers eg rye bread or Cracottes with low fat spread or cheese Weightwatcher biscuits or plain biscuits like Lincoln Raw carrotts/cucumber Not great options :o0
ozypozy Posts: 2950
I'm always craving sweets so a life saver for me is the sugar free jelly that Hartley's make. If you're on Weight Watchers there's no points in it either so happy days! I was also thinking about making some rice krispie buns, they'd be pretty ok I think??
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I find the sugarfree jelly great myself especially for the sweet cravings. Am trying to have as few snacks as possible this week so being better than normal but have found since I started WW that having their snacks- bars, sweets, biscuits or the velvet crunch and that in the house is great. If I really want something I have one of them rather than going to the shop and getting something ten times worse.
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Tuc biscuits and velvet crunch crisps i love the WW cakes and fruit loaf ...............................Im not a big fruit eater but i like a tin of peaches with yougert on top mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
If your a chocolate lover - try cadburys light chochlate Moose- its lovely, gives you a choc fix and is only 1 WW point!! Treble crunch crisps are only 1 1/2 WW points Oh if you want ice cream- twister new mini chohclate flavor is only 1/2 WW point and Solero is only 1 1/2 WW points Hope this helps!! :wv
Number2inNov Posts: 447
Thanks girls, some great ideas there!! Definitely gonna add some of them to the shopping list this weekend!! :o0
hula Posts: 384
I love munching on crisps as well. So what I do to for a good crunch fix is rivita with cream cheese. I usually try to get a good wholegrain rivita with a low fat philadelphia spread. It's a really healthy snack! Well as healthy as cream cheese will allow ;)
******************** Posts: 161 always snacking but dont put on weight as i stick to some low fat reliables....Rancheros, skips and walkers baked are all low in fat/calories. Milky ways are a good chocolate snack. Always bear in mind that if something is called light or reduced fat it means its not low in fat so dont be fooled by those!