Heart Palpitations - red bull

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Delish Posts: 4176
Felt my heart fluttering all day yesterday - still don't feel 100% today - I'm blaming it on the red bull and vodka from Saturday night, I'm never drinking that again.
dreamer Posts: 3941
Its more than likely the case Delish!! Lots of people get palpatations after drinking it! Better stick with beer!! O-O
goldfisher Posts: 439
Hi Deelish, I got my heart check out before and the doc warned me against red bull for ever. Even though there isn't any major wrong he said its the worst thing you could drink!!! goldfisher O:o)
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
It's pure caffeine in a can and is really bad for your organs, particularly your heart and central nervous system. Avoid at all costs!!
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Hi Delish I went on a mad one with a mate 2 years ago, I drank quite a few vodka and red bull. This stuff is lethal, I have become sensitive to caffeine ever since. I was getting quite concerned about them after about 3 mths that I went to A&E twice. In the end I got my doctor to give me a referral letter for the Charlemont Clinic to get a holter monitor test. Basically you have a portable ECG machine strapped to you for 24 hours to take a full days reading of the heart. The test came back fine and that the palps were nothing sinister, called premature ventricular contractions (PVC'S) they are quite normal in people just some are more aware of their heartbeat so they think its something bad but caffeine can aggrivate them. They come and go from time to time, often lasting for a week at a time. I find that being very tired can bring them on also. To this day I have never touched Red Bull, it was my first and last time drinking it.
Gabby Posts: 2873
hi ya I bet thats what it is. I never used to drink tea or coffee until I started working and when I first started drinking the coffee I used to get heart palpitations as my body was not used to the caffeine at all.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
yeah its very annoying you need to be carefull what you take, there is caffeine in so many different things. but hey red bull gives you wings!!! and the feeling that your ticker is going to fecking explode!!!
BlahBlahBride Posts: 2744
I used to drink red bull on every night out, when id come home and go to bed, id be lying there heart beatin like crazy. I wouldnt get any sleep. Had to stop drinking it. Mad stuff all together!