Heartbeat at 12wks?

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NotHere Posts: 10273
I have a doc's appointment tomorrow because of bad ms. Was thinking of asking to hear the baby's heartbeat to put my mind at rest. Is this easily done at 12wks does anyone know?
jen2 Posts: 3106
I think the device the GP has is from 14 weeks. I dont think she will be able to hear the heartbeat yet. But you never know. I know in the OBGYN they can see it with the ultra sound machine from 6 - 7 weeks. Hope the doc can sort you out with something. The tablet the docotr prescribed me was one they give cancer patients to help with the sickness from chemo. As i said they are expensive, but are ment to help. I did not take them in the end. jen2
Rocky Posts: 465
Flutterby, ask for sure. I heard baby's heartbeat at the doctors at 9 weeks so everyone is different. ask for sure but dont get upset if he/she cant find it, can only mean that baby is lying the wrong position or asleep
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi Flutter, On my last pregnancy, the doc picked up the heartbeat with a doppler straight away at 12 weeks exactly. This time at the 12-week appointment she refused to check because she knew I would be freaked out (after the m/c) if she couldn't pick one up and she said sometimes at 12 weeks they just can't get it because of how the placenta is lying or if the baby is moving around a lot. I'm sure in your case there would be no reason not to try to pick it up but you need to be aware that they might not be able to find it and that this alone is no cause for concern at this stage. Am sure the sickness is not something to worry too much about - but best to check just in case. Good luck with your appointment!
NotHere Posts: 10273
Thanks girls. It would be great if I could hear it but I won't get my hopes up. Will let ye know how I get on tomorrow :thnk