heartburn at only 7 weeks is this normal?

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newbe Posts: 276
cant believe i am already getting heartburn!!! Tea definately sets it off so think i may have to stick to water. is this not awful early to get hertburn, this is baby no 2 and i deffo dont remember it this early on. My mum is convinced it is twins! looks like i better stock up on gaviscon! yuck the thought! hate it hate it hate it
sinion Posts: 6050
yeh the heartburn started for me not long after the sickness started so about 6/7 weeks too. I know, I hate Gaviscon too, blurgh
jellybaby Posts: 2316
With DD I had heartburn very early on....from about 6 weeks. It eased off about 11-12 weeks and I never had it very bad again for the rest of the pregnancy, so it was a good thing to have it early on - you've enough to be dealing with later on, so it's helpful not to have the heartburn!!
Rocky Posts: 465
Ya it was my only sysmptom that made me think i might be pregnant. am now 23wks and its worse than ever -still only due 1 though so your mam might not be right :o0 Rocky
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Yep I had heartburn at 4/5 wks and it didnt really let up until the day I had DD - I even brought the gaviscon into the hospital !