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summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi to all the girlies.. Have been away on holidays and not on the internet much for the last 4 weeks or so.. Had a lovely family (imagine that, my own little family!) in France and am back to work again since Monday.Have terrible withdrawal symptons from my baby now that I am in the office again.I got so used to her being around all the time. Anyway, am currently on 2 week wait as we had a lot of fun on holidays! Would be delighted if we got a BFP but can definately wait a while too- either way I am not getting too stressed out about it, that is what happens when you have a very demanding 8 month old, you just don't have time to think!! How are the girls.. especially those coming up to the 40 weeks (Tigletts, Heavenleigh and Sphynx to name a few!!) I am sure you are all blooming!! Hugs Summer
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
Hey there Summer.... great to have you back in the club :xxx I am fine....can´t wait to see my wee man, as it is getting hard to walk around or do anything at all with the huge bump, let alone sleep :eek Anyway, not long for us September mammies now, I am so nervous but also can´t wait.... How is your wee doll? You must fill us in with all your latest news. How was France? Anyway, great to have you here again :thnk
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hi Summer Daisy! Wow! That's so exciting that you're TTC again! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Fair play to you as I'm sure you have your hands full! DH would love to try again soon after but I keep saying let's see how this first one goes before we decide! Only 5 weeks left for me now. Still seems a bit surreal but every so often I have a little panic attack about everything! On the one hand I really can't wait but I'm also fairly terrified :o0 So hope you will be dishing out loads of reassurance! Best of luck with the 2ww....so exciting!
charli Posts: 5994
hiya :wv i didnt know you were giving babs a bro/sis so soon!! :o)ll - good luck on the 2 ww and the plans for the next few months while trying to conceive :wv
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Hiya summer - Well congratulations on ttc again so soon, brave woman ! Hope it all goes to plan for you, fingers crossed ! MrsNoc
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Hey Summer D, how was France? I hope you had reasonably good weather..... but it seems you had fun anyhow... you naughty thing you !!!! Looking forward to hearing some news then shortly! xxxx
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hiya all, Well that is the thing really.. we had not really planned on TTCing so soon but like what happened the first time, wine and a very romantic setting seemed to get the better of both of us and now I find myself on the 2ww. I kind of figure I am up most of the night at the moment with one baba so why not 2 (Elizabeth is a terrible sleeper!). Will keep you all posted!! I am not thiniking about it too much, and will be delighted with either or outcome!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Angel2 Posts: 787
Hi Summer, Welcome back and the very best of luck on your 2ww. :o)ll :o)ll