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boobies Posts: 1625
God have'nt been on here in so long trying to catch up on all the new babies! Delighted for Mama Dora a little girl! We are getting on fine now but those first few weeks are though. My advice to all those expecting their first is enjoy the rest while you can and take any help you can when baby arrives. It does get easier and is sooooo worth it. I gave up breastfeeding at 4 weeks. Was only aiming to do it for 2 weeks so am delighted I lasted that long.... Congrats to all the new BFP's and good luck to those nearly due!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Welcome back boobies and those first few weeks are exhausting arent they ?!!! But it does get easier and you will get some more time for yourself as the weeks go by, but as you said every minute of it is Sooo worth it, for every little smile and giggle and cuddle its worth it a thousand times over ! MrsNoc
boobies Posts: 1625
Hi Mrs. Noc! Hope all is well with you! The weeks are just flying by and every week there is something new happening! Im dreading going back to work already and its not until next April! Would love to go back part time but funds wont allow at the moment
NotHere Posts: 10273
Welcome back Boobies! Good to hear that you are settling into motherhood. I'm dreading the first few weeks myself. My hubbie has lots of romantic notions in his head about how things will be but I'm the other end of the scale thinking of how hard it will be! But it can only get easier. Hi to little Boobie :wv