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happyout Posts: 204
Hi everyone I am new to this section of the site. I recently found out that I am pregnant. It is a bit of a surprise to us as we are only married two months but we are thrilled. I am in my 7th Week. As this was not planned I don't really know much about pregnancy. I have a couple of questions My friend told me at the weekend that I could not highlight my hair while I was pregnant Is this true? Does anyone know what foods I should avoid? best of luck to everyone
button Posts: 11
Hi Happy out - thats great news - im almost 24 weeks and i was told of that highlights thing too. I asked my hairdresser and i now only get the lights (u know on the little pieces of paper) but no colour directly onto the roots. Regards food, firstly, take folic acid daily (buy in tablet form from the chemist) eat plenty fruit & veg, milk, but no peanuts!!
bimbochick Posts: 95
Heh hon and congrats on your pregnancy No hair dyeing (the peroxide and ammonia can get into your bloodstream and effect babs) and as for foods - steer clear of peanuts and anything with uncooked eggs in it i,e mayonnaise, pavlova, meringue even some pate's should be avoided. Obviously bungy jumping, base jumping and abseiling are out too!! :o0 Other than that, get yourself a folic acid supplement, some iron (galfar f.a) and loads of rest. Dry crackers are good to eat if you're not feeling the best - there are a few medicines you cant take ( i think anything with asprin in it is out as it thins your blood) but check with your gp Enjoy your pregnancy, take it easy, get loads of rest and spoil yourself ok! keep us updated :wv
oirish Posts: 1541
congrats happy out !!! get yourself a good pregnancy book or two, and for a light hearted "real" book - the "Best Friends Guide to Pregnancy" is worth a read :)
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Welcome and Congratulations to yourself and Hubby, such an exciting time. With the hair dye/highlights my hairdresser has told me that it is perfectly safe as the dye they now use contains very little of the harmful products that used to be in the colour, it was an issue in the past, just check with your own hairdressers and see what they say. As for foods, I generally take everything in moderation, i wouldn't freak if you have been eating any of the "forbidden" foods. For me I try to avoid them as best I can but would still have some from time to time. Shellfish Unpasturised dairy - eg. undercooked eggs, blue cheese, bri (soft cheese in general) Peanuts - I think this really only applies if there is a history of allergies in the family. Whippy Ice cream - again this is because some places may not clean their equipment properly - for me if I know a place well and feel its clean I will have the odd whippy. Tuna - dont cut it out but if you are a big lover of tuna my Dr recommended only the equivilant of tw baby tins a week. Try to drink plenty - anything will do if you are not a lover of water, fruit juice, milk Try to increase fruit intake, will help with constipation problems Sorry for rambelling on. Take care :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
happyout Posts: 204
Thanks a million ladies for all your messages. I will take it all on baord. I will ask my hairdresser about the dye. I will be devasted if I can't - vain I know!! I bought some books last night so I will start reading up now. I am not feeling ill at all thank god. The only sign I hvae is being a bit more tired than usual. I can't explain it but I am finding it hard to feel pregnant if you know what I mean Thanks again for the replies
happyout Posts: 204
Oh Yeah forgot to ask does anyone know if I can eat prawns. I looovvvve prawns Sorry about all the questions
mummytime Posts: 3149
As long as they are cooked they're fine. enjoy. MC
mumof2 Posts: 3864
With the hair dye/highlights my hairdresser has told me that it is perfectly safe as the dye they now use contains very little of the harmful products that used to be in the colour, the reason why they now say not to do it in the first 12 weeks, is that your hormones are all over the place and the colour might not take properly. As I am going quite grey already she told me that the grey might not even take at all so I waited the 12/13 weeks before getting mine done. I am confused about prawns now, as I would have told you to avoid them - I love them, esp in curries but along the way I heard to avoid shellfish, better go back to my book and check that up again. One good book to buy is 'what to expect when you are expecting'. I brought this back in February and it still sits on my locker - it is a great reference book for the whole of your pregnancy. Don't buy the 'blokes guide to pregnancy' - it is a waste of money and not relevant. Take folic acid, loads of fibre, veg, fruit and water
tras Posts: 1460
Oh, my hubby loved that!!! I didn't read it though- maybe he has all the information wrong now!!