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bree Posts: 1880
hello everyone.just said id post a thread to say hi to everyone..visiting my parents so have internet access for a few days ( & am going to make it my business to log on more often - obviously an addict ) ....got soo much advice from people tru-out the 9months that id only love to do the same.. ( or at least try! ) Our house is almost complete ..getting the stairs, kitchen, tiling etc sorted so should be in it in 8wks all going well..then i'l be on ALL the time : ) Cora will be 8wks sunday ( i mightnt have mentioned this b4 but i went into labour exactly 5yrs after i first met DH..literally to the hour..weird or what! ) ...she was 13lb @her 6wk check up & is sleeping 9pm-6or7am ( tho i give her a dream [email protected]) i am loving motherhood & it suprisies me everyday..still miss being pregnant tho : ( anyone have an aupair by the way...just thinking this wil be our only option cos of my working hours but really unsure about any childcare : ( ... wasnt planning on both us working but il only be parttime..anyway any info appreciated. hope to catch up with everyone soon & hoping all mums & mums 2b are keeping well
lal Posts: 403
Hi Bree, lovely to read that cora is doing well Its also great to read that you miss being pregnant. Im just eight weeks along now and loving it but you read so much horror that its lovely to see someone who really enjoyed it. Best of luck with babs and keep in touch. l
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hi Bree I was thinking about getting an aupair.. went with a childminder in the end but have some really good suggestions if you want to PM me. Cora sounds like a wee dote and she is definately thriving.. Imagine she is 8 weeks already, the time flies.. Elizabeth was 18 weeks old yesterday, I am going back to work on Monday (just about got my 22 weeks) but have every Friday off from now until the forseeable future.. Thank goodness!! Summer Daisy
Ducky Posts: 2506
Hello text buddy!!! I fell off the radar there for a while too, great to see us both back -even if only for a quick hello. Cora is doing great, I though my one was a monkey at 11.3lb at her 6 week check!! Zoe is going 10:30 to about 6 now but will go longer if she takes a dream feed about midnight. Isn't it nice to have some sleep again? I have to agree with you, I enjoyed being pregnant for most of it and I do miss some things. I miss feeling so healthy (no colds, sinus etc), sparkly eyes, great skin and nails, rubbing my bump, feeling baby kick and wearing big knickers :o0 Feel obliged now to go back to the old sexy ones and they aren't half as comfy but make me feel more human. (!!) Has Cora found her voice? Zoe thinks she is hilarious and laughs like a train at herself. Her favourite 'word' is 'agoo.' Everything is agoo, accompanied by a smile that makes you forget the previous hour's whinging instantly. Ah motherhood..the joys. Am off to text you now, have a good weekend pet xx
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Bree and Ducky great to hear from you both and babies are doing so well too!
bree Posts: 1880
thanks girls : ) any suggestions re.childcare would be greatly appreciated Summer.. lal...congrats on the pregnancy..you will love it ( tho its no walk in the park either but the kicks are sooo worth the sore legs etc ) & when your baby is finally born you wont be able to believe it fit in you!!! Ducky brilliant to hear Zoe is doing so great.. i checked your pic & she is sooo adorable ! My mam fell in love with her when i showed her the pic : ) Cora really only uses her voice to whinge ( she loovves doin that hehe) but has began making little gur sounds when giving us big smiles..she also has began to look chinese when she smiles ( my brother thinks i visited the chinese too much during the pregnancy or else Jason Grimshaw is the daddy!! big weirdo ) .. il pop some new pics of her up ( www.kodakgallery.com email: [email protected] & password: wedding ) thanks for your wishes Double... how are u???????
mummy bear Posts: 3824
I am doing great bree thanks for asking, i am 12weeks dunno why ticker says 11 :eek have my scan on Wed cant wait :o)ll esp to see how many in there!! love the pics of Cora she is going to break hearts when shes older!! enjoy your few days with your parents :xox
mammybean Posts: 10364
Bree and Ducky i am glad to hear that all is going well. between the pair of you i am so excited about when babs is born, i have a while to wait though :o0
Tedsters Posts: 1688
Hi Bree, good to hear from you!! Just had a look at your photos and they are lovely and so cute. Also love ones of Jack O'Shea ha ha Am hitting the last 10 weeks now and all going well tg. Have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far apart from migraines but they are manageable. Must head off shopping soon and pack my hospital bag and one for babs.
bree Posts: 1880
oh my god ted i cant believe you have only ten weks left ..seems like no time ago since the BFP!! You lucky thing..id love to be reliving all that excitement again.... i cant remember if i posted my birth story ?? hum must check & if not post it up : ) ....