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awoodsapr06 Posts: 51
Hello!! I've been browsing WOL for months now & am totally addicted!!! I've finally got the courage to post!! So... hello everyone :D P.S. Wasn't too sure what forum to post this on............
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Hi Beanster. Good luck with all the planning!! :D
Hollymax Posts: 155
Welcome, welcome, welcome BeansterApril06 to the addictive world of WOL!
awoodsapr06 Posts: 51
Stop - am seriously addicted as it is!! Yikes will I ever get any work done now?! Wedding next April, so have a few months left to keep obsessing anyway!!
Dreamster Posts: 6620
Welcome... So proud of myself, haven't logged on for 2 hours - WOW!
littlemiss Posts: 109
Welcome Beanster good luck with the planning. Been logged on all morning!!
Mrs O'Neill Posts: 417
Welcome!! Say goodbye to normal working days!
b2b_Aug06 Posts: 68
Hi Beanster, I'm like you, more of a lurker than a poster. Though that's starting to change. Totally addicted to WOL.
rebel06 Posts: 51
Hi Beanster Best of luck with the planning, you'll get loads of ideas here :D
Miss X Posts: 1415
Welcome to the madness that is WOL!