Help! 5 weeks and blood show!

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mumbless Posts: 70
Help girlies, i am 5 weeks pregnanct and yesterday had a little blood in clear cm but just had a brownie bloodie blob of cm there n quite large one there anything i can do or just wait it out....i knoooow its very early days..... should i ring the midwives on domino or is there any point????
Diamondz Posts: 2208
The fact that the blood was brown is usually a good sign!! It coudl jsut be old blood clearing out and I had this. If the blood is bright red and you have any cramping then you should definitely give the doc or the EPU a call. Hope you are ok, I know how worrying early pregnancy can be!
mumbless Posts: 70
Thanks a million diamondz for the reply, is nerve wracking but its a wait n see scenario..i rang the midwives there but it is too early so there is no point in them seeing or scanning me she I will have to wait it out and keep my fingers and toes crossed for a sticky lil healthy bean... thanks again
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Try to stay positive. :action32
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Mumbless sorry to hear this, no advice just keep up the PMA the fact that it was brown is a good sign as the OP said its probably just old blood :xox