Help - Any1 know recipe for Chicken & Broccoli Bake ?

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Mrs Bling Posts: 63
Hi lassies ... anyone of you know a receipe for a chicken and broccoli bake, I have a rough idea ... and as far as I know its the one that you use the tin of campbell soup in and then grated cheese and breadcrumbs on top ... but when I've had it before it had a bit of a kick to it .. would it have benn a dash of curry powder or something ?? Thanks lads, would like to give it a bash over the weekend
Wavo Posts: 10
here ya go bling: ... iBake.html
2557 Posts: 885
it's lovely...i do it all the time. it's great for dinner parties too because the chicken and broc can be cooked the night before. cook the chicken and broc and chop up and place in a dish mix a can of campbells chicken soup with 2 large tablespoons of mayo spread the mix over the chicken and broc sprinkle over grated cheese (i normally use the cheddar and mozza mix - i know that it should probably be 100% mozza but I like the mix!!) and bake for about 30 mins at about 200 degrees. (Sorry, I don't know what gas mark that is) it's really lovely with mash by the way. I generally use one chicken fillet per person and if not just doing it for H2B and I, I throw in another one for luck. I don't know about the breadcrumbs....have never used them. Enjoy...i'm bleeding starving now!!
Mokey Posts: 576
One of my favourite dishes - was only giving my FSIL the recipe for it last night!! Tin of Campbell's Mushroom soup (you can use the low fat one if you want!) 1 onion A whole cooked chicken Enough broccoli to line the bottom of a fairly large oven dish. Breadcrumbs/grated cheddar cheese mixed together Chop the onion up and cook it in a pot with a little butter. Empty the tin of soup into the cooked onion and put half the amount of water that is recommended on the tin. Break up the chicken into the soup but don't put too much water into it or the consistency will not be thick enough - you'll pretty much know yourself when the consistency is right. Meanwhile boil up the broccoli for a few minutes until it softens. Line the bottom of the dish with the broccoli and pour the chicken mixture on top. Cover it with the breadcrumbs/cheddar mix and put into the oven at about 200 degrees for approx 20-25 mins or until the top is nice and crisp and HEY PRESTO!!
Mrs Bling Posts: 63
Thanks ladies ... thats just brill, going to give it a bash the weekend and see how it goes ... he'll be very impressed with me as I'm a bit useless if I'm honest !!!
Dmissus Posts: 107
Mrs Bling I always make mine with a curry flavour kick - I add two tablespoons of curry paste with the soup mixture before I throw it in the dish. It really livens up the dish for me. Also, lately, I changed the topping - instead of putting breadcrumbs on the top I put thin slices of par-boiled potatoes and then cover with loads of grated cheese - yummy!!!!!!
Mrs Bling Posts: 63
Oh it just gets better and better !!! Can't wait to try it now ... I will be amazed if its exactly right first time !!! Oh well practice makes perfect and guess what ...... I've (stupidly) agreed to do Xmas Dinner this year (only for us and my folks though so not an army to cater for) ... but even so I am very daunted by it all !!!! I think M&S Christmas pre-prepared stuff is going to feature big style !!! ha ha
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
here's another of my fav dinners. fry off an onion and some garlic, add boiled carrots in slices and brocolli. chop up a few chicken breasts/a cooked chicken or if it's christmas, left over turkey and ham works a treat!!! mix up a packet of knorr asparagus soup with half the amount of water, or use campbells chicken soup, half the water. meanwhile have waiting a pie dish lined with ready made pastry - add the chicken mixture, cover with a layer of pastry, cut an x in the middle, egg wash and bake till the pastry is nice and golden. it's a whole meal cos you get your starch from the pastry....but it's also lovely served with mashed potatoes or chips :)
Grainne20 Posts: 835
Another topping that i do is with a packet of ritz crackers broken up and spread on top of the mixture, then pour half cup of melpted butter on top and bake!
Frankie Posts: 1571
I make mine with mushroom soup instead of chicken. Then add 2 teaspoons of curry powder for that distinctive flavour. I don't make it as a bake though. I saute off the chicken with a little bit of onion, then add the soup and 2 cans of water. Cover and cook for about 40 mins on a low heat. Then add the broccoli for a further 20 mins - as my h2b isn't mad on broccoli, in our house it's carrotts and sweetcorn. Anyhow, I serve it up on a bed of rice with (wait for it) toasted sliced almonds. It is the best flavour EVER!