HELP!!!Anyone been to Sharm El Sheikh.....

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she Posts: 3298
Girls can anyone help, Our honeymoon has been cancelled :o( So were starting from scratch again. Now we've got a choice of staying in these four hotel and I'm wondering has anyone stayed in them before. The Hilton Hotel, in Sharks bay The Reef Oasis Beach The Hotel Concord in Sharks Bay The Sun Rise Island View Any comments would be great as I have to get back to her tomorrow Cheers
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
OMG Why is it cancelled - I have not stayed in any of these hotels but if you check on tripadvisor you should get a fair idea what they are like. But take what you read with a pinch of salt some people on trip advisor are crazy
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Hi she My parents in law are there are the moment but wont be back till next wednesday. If you still need to know then I will ask!
she Posts: 3298
We booked with Budget Travel "something special" brochure. And got a call this morning saying that all budgets Egypt flights have been cancelled. Basically not enough seats fill on the aircrafts. So now their booking us through Panorma and we defo want to go 4-5 star all inclusive. We'd be drinkers(not alcho's now) and I've heard from a good few people that the drink can be quite expensive as it's a muslim country. That's what we've got to chose from(hotels) thats left for when we want to go. I've checked trip advisor and The Hilton and Concord come out best and my friend stayed in The Hilton one and loved it. She said it's they only place she'd stay if she went back. So were really thinking of going with this. Thanks Girls.......
angel1978 Posts: 1154
I know a lot of people that have been there. My mam was there last year too. Im pretty sure she stayed at the Hilton so will ask her later. We are going in April for 2 weeks. I cant wait.
she Posts: 3298
Thanks Angel, are you staying in the Hilton when you go? I have to go back tomorrow and tell them, but I'm just not sure......
angel1978 Posts: 1154
No Im going 3 weeks before the wedding and we will have 2 toddlers with us so we are staying in the Coral Sea Resort. Its 4 star all inclusive and it looks great for the kids as well as for us and it has a private beach which is great too. Dont think the Hilton would go down to well with the smallies :o0 :o0 Have to say though Sharm is still so cheap to get to so you should have your pick of where you want to stay.
trionae Posts: 128
Stayed in the Crowne Plaza, it was absolutely amazing. On the drop off there and back we were in all of the hotels you mentioned and all looked fac, especially the Hilton and the Oasis. It seems like all the hotels there are just world class, its going to be amazing wherever you go! :wv
hannahross Posts: 318
Hi She, We went to Sharm in Sept 07 for our honeymoon and we stayed in the Conrad which was awful so avoid that one, it was meant to be 5 star but more like 3, i believe the Hilton is very good. We were all inclusive and it was ok but beware that you may not be able to have drinks at certain times, such as in the evening when they like to charge for them.Then again that may have only been our hotel. We didn't have a problem at any time having a drink as they don't seem to bother much about religion if you are spending money!!! Hope you get it sorted and enjoy!!!
dub2010 Posts: 378
hi i work in travel i would recommend the concord..i was in sharm 2 years ago didnt stay in this hotel but it gets great reports 5 star!!