HELP : black tie wedding. what to wear? 20 weeks pregnant

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Mammypig Posts: 832
girls, just found out a wedding i have in 4 weeks is black tie. had a black dress that i thought i'd wear but isn't dressy enough for black tie. have no idea what to get now or where to go. anyone seen anything nice lately? i will be almost 20 weeks gone by then and judging on how big i've gotten so far i think i'll defo need a maternity dress (not just a size bigger in a normal dress iykwim!)
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
Would you not wear your black dress and sparkle it up with a fancy wrap or a classy brooch, jewerally etc? I found at the last two black ties I was at, there was a lot of mixed some over the top and some just normal. I am the same I have close family wedding when I will be 35wks, dreading looking for a dress.
mummytime Posts: 3149
I had a black tie ball last week and got a dress in Formes on South Anne St in Dublin. It was black with purple chiffon and I was delighted with it. they also have loads of dresses in Nelo Maternity Hope you find something.. mc
holly5 Posts: 4
Hi there! I got a beautiful dress at They have beautiful evening gowns and dresses for weddings. Perfect for black tie. Good luck and enjoy the wedding! :lvs