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neeov Posts: 4256
[quote="Mammy101":30jpugn0] Am I right to assume Motilium won't get absorbed into my body and passed onto LO? He's currently on medication, so I don't want to inadvertedly interfere with his meds. [/quote:30jpugn0] I think you would need to get that checked. All meds could end up in your milk. ... vF4:1:FULL
pattie2 Posts: 261
I took 3 motilium 3 times a day and once my supply was well increased and established (maybe 10 days) I cut a tablet every second day, so I was on them for another 2 weeks, maybe almost a month all in all. It is fabulous for supply. I took fenugreek while feeding DD1 and it upset her tummy and she got blood in her nappy so it really put me off. But it doesn't disagree with lots of other babies so maybe DD1 was just sensitive to it. I used motilium with both my DDs and it didn't seem to bother them. Best of luck.