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elleb8 Posts: 59
Hey Wollies, I need help, im looking for lilac chiffon dresses floaty for my three bridesmaids , was hoping to do three different styles which led me to veer towards the Dessy range HOW EVER every shop ive been to in cork have had either AWFUL stock of bridesmaid dresses or tons of dresses but none in the right shade, Now i aint choosey but i need yere help to suggest shops that have a HUGE variety of Chiffon bridesmaid dresses PLEASE HELP as im feeling slighty overwhelmed :o(
JenniePennie Posts: 409
Hi there, Im in Cork too and finding i very hard to, been bridesmaid shppping since September and anything nice is only available in small sizes and I need 14's and 16's....very hard!!! Keep me posted if you find anywhere good!!!
Hi girls, ill be following you! i too need a variety of styles and sizes for my 4 girls! was looking for a pink/fuscia but when it comes to it they might not be flattering so am willing to change the color.Im willing to travel! Wedding world in glaway is meant to hve a good selection of dessy dresses but the website doesnt look great.
Creampuffnut Posts: 79
Hello I got my dresses in Simones in Sligo and they had a fab selection! My bridesmaids tried on loads of different styles of chiffon - that was my preference also- and the girls were very helpful. I was in Wedding World in Galway and the selection was only ok but the girls were zero help and just stood about chatting while we fended for ourselves. But that was just my experience! HTH! :)
Creampuffnut Posts: 79
Should also add that they had loads of sample dresses in various sizes, a few up to size 18. So all 3 of bridesmaids could try on the same dress, just in different colours!
ExcitedB2B2013 Posts: 140
Hi, Have you tried Ivory Rose in Passage West?? they have loads of bridesmaid dresses in chiffon as far as I know. And they come in range of colours.
little missi Posts: 116
If you try Diamond Bridal in cork city, they stock the dessy range and should have a full delivery in the next two weeks. I will be going in there myself once they get them in as I know they stock all sizes. Keep me plated on how u get on. I won't be looking myself until September as one of my bridesmaids is pregnant and not due until July so would be interested to find out how ye are getting on with it. BEST OF LUCK!!! X
elleb8 Posts: 59
As Always the wollies are STARS!!! JenniePennie I hear you, been searching since september as well.... its hard enough to get all three BMs together for a weekend CREAMYBEAMY Thanks for the advice might check out wedding world Creampuffnut Might check out Simones as one of my BMs is living in Galway ExcitedB2B2013 Had booked ivory rose for an appointment but had to cancel due to a family commitment, might try them again.. little missi Ive been to Diamond Bridal alright but she didnt have any stock left yet.....she emailed me and said it would be in in a few weeks. Just getting a little bit impatient as Ive three BMs one works shift work meaning I get one weekend a month free to grab her, other lives in Athlone and other is free enough but ive tried four times now and Ive booked certain shops specifically for BM shopping and when u arrive in the shop to 5 dresses its so disheartening for them as well Thanks so much for all yere help O-O
pineapples Posts: 76
I went to Amarra Bridal in Monasterevin with a friend last week looking for bridesmaid dresses and they have a brilliant dessy selection - loads of different styles & colours.
JenniePennie Posts: 409
Hi girls, im the same, hate getting there to a handful of dresses and picking from a catalogue doesnt work for those of us that arent size 8/10... the girls want to try them on and I totally understabd. I was in Diamond Bridal in Nov, had very little but def let me know when she emails to say stock is in. I rang Ivory Rose today, waiting for her to ph back and a place called Princess Rooms in Cobh, she says she has a lot of samples in store to try on and plenty of bigger sizes, going monday or tuesday eve so I hope she has plenty as she said. It is very hard to get bridesmaids together, I have one running her own business, one with 5 week old baby, one in dublin and one in uk....I feel its the hardest job and just want it done. My only worry about these places is the expense, I had been hoping to get dresses for about €150 each but after trying Debenams and Monsoon again today there is just nothing!!! I even tried donedeal, some lovely ones if everybody was 8/10. Anyway lets keep eachother posted!!!