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mishaa Posts: 3
Hi all, I am a long time viewer an first time poster. I am 22 weeks pregnant and due to difficulties in my pregnancy i was told to stay in bed for next few months. Anyway this is my first baby and as you can imagine am getting very excited. I would really appreciate some advice on buggy's, i had planned to go to shops to try them out but thats out of the question now. Basically i am looking for a buggy which has the following: 4 wheels (know this is silly but i just prefer them) One that is good for walking roads with, after all this bed rest i plan to go walking every day One that is light enough, as i am prob going to have a c section i won't be able lift a heavy one for a while Defo one with a pram as will save going up and down stairs during day with baby to sleep and One that will take the maxi cosi car seat as i've read great reports on it. I have been looking at the maxi cosi mura 4, has anyone had experience with this. I know the bugaboo is great too but i think it's very expensive, is it really worth it. I would expect to pay around €700 including all which i can get the maxi cosi for online in the uk. I would really appreciate any advice ye might have xx
McDanny Posts: 1435
Hi there, Our maxi cosi mura 4 arrived during the week and I'm absolutely delighted with it. My sis ordered it from We got the tango red version. Haven't had a chance to road test it yet obviously but it certainly seems very sturdy. The roads around here are fairly bumpy so we wanted something with the pneumatic tyres. The hard body carry cot folds down to save space when your finished using it and all the padding/lining is removable for washing. The plan is for babs to sleep in it downstairs during the day and I'll just keep the moses basket upstairs. The car seat has plenty of padding as does the push chair seat. Ours came with 2 raincovers, one for the pushchair and I for the pram version. It has a reputation for being kinda heavy and I'd have to agree with that but it fold down to a good size and its easy to assemble. Thats all I can think of for now. Cheers and mind yourself!
susie05 Posts: 204
my sister got the maxi cosi mura 4 with the new-born carry cot in armagh for €320. Didnt get the car-seat..sodont pay over the odds by shopping online & watch out for delivery costs. .
neeov Posts: 4256
We rejected the maxi cosi mura because it was heavier than the bugaboo. We did up a full price list of everything we would need to buy for both. I found the bugaboo only about 200 euro dearer than the maxi cosi mura when we had everything counted. We got a deal on the bugaboo though.
sodbride Posts: 105
we got the First Wheels City elite buggy. Its a sort of rip off of the bugaboo but half the price. I love love love it!!! We got a graco car seat(way cheaper than maxi cosi) and has permanent base thingy for car too. The adapters to fit it to the first wheels can be bought on for 30 euro. I bought most of my stuff online and Im up and about and still working and only 3 weeks to go so dont worry about missing anything. Got my nursery furniture on ebay from mattysdiscountnurserywarehouse. Got a mothercare set for 380 sterling as supposed to about 600 euro here. You can order loads of stuff from Kiddicare too and they only charge 15 sterling to deliver no matter how much you buy. Excellent!! If you cant get to mothercare you can order all the stuff from and they charge E10.00 to deliver. Happy shopping!!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I know I had my heart initially set on a 4 wheel and I looked at the Jane Nomad and I loved it, however because I live in country (with pot hole roads to match!) I was persuaded to get the Slalom Pro 3 wheel. However I still loved the nomad. I think samuel johnston in belfast does them and they will send them down here I also DB Cycles and babyland in Athlone does them and will post them out for you! PM me if you want their details. Mind yourself!
april09babs Posts: 926
Hi we got the Mothercare My Choice travel system. You get a choice of either a 3 or 4 wheeler chasis. It comes with pram/ pushchair unit which concerts from one to the other very easily. The chasis takes the Maxi Cosi cabriofix but it sold seperately. The my choice system is 399 euro and comes with foot muffs, pram liner,shopping basket, rain cover etc. It probably isn't the lightest travel system but is definitely lighter than the Quinny which we had originally planned on buying. We bought the maxi cosi and easy fix base from so in total it worked out about 550 euros ... d=DA000032
shobie Posts: 1437
What about the Quinny Buzz? I have it in the 3 wheels and find it great, the maxi cosi car seat is compatable with the frame and you can get the Dreami pram attachement so babs can sleep in it. Mothercare have lots of good deals on the Quinny usually. I find it very easy to use (also had a section), its light enough & easy to assemble.
mishaa Posts: 3
Hi girls, thanks so much for all your comments, it's so hard to choose. I was so looking forward to going into shops and testing them but this is the next best thing. xx