Help-could I wear this dress??

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bling2010 Posts: 535
I was only told yesterday we have been invited to the afters of a wedding. I am in mil's house and didn't bring anything I wOuld have thought appropriate. However this wedding is seemingly in a function rOom at the back of a pub so slightly mOre casual I think. Would this dress be ok do you think with black tights and black and grey patent shoes?? Otherwise I'll have to go shopping I think. Nowhere near home so can't just pop back and grab something else. Thanks ... 3770017058
Hollie2012 Posts: 77
Yes I think it would be perfect to wear to the afters of the wedding.enjoy!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Ya I definitely think you'd look grand. God i'd hate to have that sprung on me!!!
tnydancer Posts: 100
Yes that dress would be perfect! Hope you have fun. Sometimes the most unexpected nights out are the most fun ! Enjoy!!! O-O
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
I think its fine it's not like you're going to the ceremony!! Enjoy!
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Absolutely, it's really cute. enjoy the wedding
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
lovely dress, I'd wear it :wv
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
fab dress. it would be lovely for afters x
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
That is a really nice dress, definitely good for an afters, enjoy!!
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
lovely dress, def wear it :wv