Help.. cramps and spotting!!!

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2010Mrs Posts: 991
Hi So worried have cramps like period and spotting for the past two hours, dark in colour but on my panty liner and not just when I wipe Clinic have increased my cyclogest to 4 times a day and put me on bed rest Has anyone else experienced this and is there anything else I should be doing.. Any advise appreciated. Im only 4/5 weeks pregnant at this stage :lvs
black pearl Posts: 3513
hey have you been to the epu? its prob too early to find a heartbeat but this happened me with DD, I bled for a full week, at first it was spotting then proper brown blood, they gave me bed rest, and then when I went back to the epu there was a heart beat, they didnt give me a reason for it, but 2 weeks later it happened again, so I paid for a private scan, she was amazing and told me that sometimes women can have old blood that comes out around their normal af time and can happen every month suring pregnancy, it only happened me twice, but the first time it was for a full week, I had totally given up hope, but all was well in the end, Unless it turns bright red and you have bad pains would I be worried. I know its hard not to worry though xx
2010Mrs Posts: 991
Thanks for the post. Im with a fertility clinic as had IVF, my first scan is monday week when I'll be 7 weeks. I have to ring them back tomorrow and let thm know how I am and then they go from there, maybe they will scan me earlier, think it be another while before they can detec HB Im not going to move off couch/bed for the next 3 days only for bathroom.. Is that what they recommend as 'bed rest' I know its hard not to worry when you see blood, you always think the worst dont you. Hoep it passes
annonTTCer Posts: 532
didnt want to read and not reply, defnitley go to your nearest epu, it is probably too early to see anything on a scan but maybe they could check HCG levels to put your mind at ease, hope everything is ok for you pet , best of luck, will be thinking of you
black pearl Posts: 3513
2010mrs I actually stayed in the bed the first few days watching dvd's, then after abt 4 days I was up around the house and getting highly annoyed with the wait. I hope it all goes ok for you, Im sure th clinic know what they are doing xx
2010Mrs Posts: 991
sounds like a plan, will stay in bed as much as I can tomorrow and the weekend.. love reading in bed so get DH to stock up on some mags and books for me Thanks for taking time to get back to me put my mind at ease a bit
safari girl Posts: 309
I had a reaction to my progesterone supplement (Crinone) which looked like dark brown spotting. Is there any chance this could be the case for you? Sometimes it irritates the cervix/vagina and causes spotting too. I also had light spotting at 8 and 12 weeks, like already mentioned, at the time AF would've been due. I had a scan each time and all was ok. Bed rest is reccomended, keeping feet elevated to slow blood flow and although I know it's almost impossible, trying to relax is important. I hope all works out ok, I was a wreck on both occasions, so know how worrying it is. :action32
2010Mrs Posts: 991
Thanks a mil for the posts... remaining positive as todays it just very light spotting and the cramps are gone thankfully Have to get in touch with clinic again today and let them know how I am and they will decide the course of action I had slight spotting last thur too but only for a few hours, and changed the cyclogest to rectanally (TMI).. then went back to vaginally on Sat as directed. It may be that it has a reaction, could be right, still tucked up in bed and going to stay here for the day until I cant anymore, then on to couch. When you say legs elevated should I put a pilow under then in bed maybe Thanks for all the support.. it means a lot :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Hope you're feeling okay - my thoughts are with you x
jewellb Posts: 2389
2010mrs only spotting this now, hope you are ok today, in my experience you will be having cramps anyway on and off, i did till about 8 weeks, i didnt spot apart from huge lumps of the progesterone gel coming out and it would be black, the nurse in clinic told me 9 out of 10 women spot with it as it irritates the cervix. hope your taking it nice and easy, we saw heartbeat at 6+2 days so an earlier scan may be possible but i reckon you should try and relax, and keep the feet up!!! :lvs :lvs :lvs