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ali08 Posts: 121
hi girls really need some advice. My ds is just 8 months old and is waking up between 5-6am every day to say that im shattered is an understatement! im bk to full time work in 2 weeks time and the thoughts of being up at that time and then doing s full days work is killing me. il post his daily routine and if anyone could let me know what im doing wrong i would really appreciate it! wakes 5-6am 7oz bottle and porrige naps 8am-9am 1-2 hrs 10am-5oz bottle 12.30-1pm 1 jar 1 yogurt and juice 3pm 5-6oz bottle naps for 1hr [if im lucky] 5-5.30 i jar and juice 6.30-7pm 6-7oz bottle usually 7.30 bedtime. ive tried keeping him up later but it makes no difference, thanks for reading girls.
Cinzia Posts: 737
Hi ali. I think your LO is waking so early because his nap is very early in the morning - he knows he can make up for his lost sleep at 8am for an hour or two! Maybe try shortening his morning nap to 45 minutes to start with and then put him down for a longer nap nearer to lunchtime - he'll probably be a bit crankier but will get used to it after a few days. Any day he sleeps longer in the morning, i.e. to 6.30 or 7am, push on his morning nap to around 9.30am and his lunchtime nap to 12.30pm. My DS is 9.5 months but at 8 months we had the following routine: Wake 7am - breakfast and 7oz Nap 9.30am - 30 minutes 11.30am - lunch 12.30pm - nap for 2 hours 2.30pm - 8oz 5pm - tea 7pm - 8oz and asleep for 7.30pm Some of the other girls might be able to give you more advice too. HTH. :wv
jarashow Posts: 3083
Totally agree with Cinzia. I would say he is sleeping too long in the morning. We put our LO down at the weekends for only a half hour in the mornings and wake her after that. Otherwise she won't have a good nap in the afternoon.
Babs Aug08 Posts: 828
Hi Ali Can u try to feed/rock/give dummy him back to sleep (even if he sleeps in ur arms in his room in a rocking chair/bed) to get him to sleep til 7am then get him up... then start pushing his nap on to 9.30am or as late as poss & only give him 30-45 mins max maybe less. Then let him have a good 2/2.5 hour nap after him lunch at 12.30/1pm. Also at that age I used to have to have DS in bed almost asleep by 7pm, a later bedtime often meant an earlier morning waking time (ud think it wud b the other way around!) It may take a little while to get this going tho so try to stick with it if u can. HTH