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bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Hi girls, Went dress shopping on yday and saw two dresses I really liked.The shop only gave me the name of the dress and I can get a picture of them anywhere. Does anyone know where I could get a picture of the "Zara" and "Naomi" Essense of Australia wedding dresses. Thanks
Lily K Posts: 643
Hi bridetobe2009, I wore an essense dress and after I ordered it I drove myself mad looking for pictures of it on the internet cos like you I only had a "name". If you look on the essense you'll see that they're all coded and don't go by names. You might find it there. Was the shop you were in bridal corner in Glasnevin by any chance? I eventually just rang the shop to ask where I could find my dress on the internet and they told me the designer (I didn't know it was even an essense dress!) and told me the website and code to look to for. HTH, mrs.K :wv
Blondelle Posts: 200
They go by code names so those names were probably just ones the shop put o. Mine is Essence D785. Look at the website, you'll eventually see the one. A popular dress is the D750 also
sillysocks Posts: 1390
I was the same with an Essence dress, I'd been given a name but they only use numbers. Have a look on their website and you'll probably see it - try the Ella by Essence as well, thats where I found my one.