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Elle Woods Posts: 931
Hey ladies. Sorry for bothering you all I'm just over from the TTC board. We were hoping to start up a thread called BFP Recipe where people share anything different/important they did to get their BFP such as using pre-seed, EPO...etc. I know lots of you posted this under indidual posts but it would be great to have them all together. Good luck to you all. :o)ll and thanks. :thnk :lvs
sinion Posts: 6050
would be glad to help but i'm afraid the month I got pregnant was the one month I finally stopped trying! I'd just found out I had endemetriosis and PCOS so totally gave up trying thinking it wouldn't happen without treatment.... and got pregnant! best of luck
LoloOct08 Posts: 343
Can't really add anything but to say best of luck to everyone on ttc. The only thing I really did was pull my knees up after dtd to make sure it all flowed the right way :o0 Babydust to all!