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eldc2012 Posts: 17
Just made a new username on here incase anyone recognises me! Just home from honeymoon where we got a BFP!! Delighted! Not sure when Im due exactly. Its early days yet. The first day of my last period was June 9, the first time we did the deed without protection was June 17. So I think that makes it the end of March? Not an ideal time for a teacher! I'm a secondary teacher with some hours CID and 11 hours of someone elses jobsharing. What I'm wondering is, if the baby was due on say, March 20, when would I be back from (or take) paid mat leave? I know I'm entitled to 26 weeks but what happens when a lot of that overlaps with summer hols? Going to see the GP tomorrow so I should have more of an idea of due date by then, will be official. :o)ll
mrs shamrock Posts: 603
Hi im a teacher too and due end of March, havent worked it out properly but i reckon I can start after St. Patricks - 2 weeks off before due, 26 weeks and then 30 days in lieu for summer holidays takes me up to going back after Halloween break, now Im primary so you may be slightly different, but gives you an idea. They date your pregnancy from your last period so you could be further along then you think, as i was after you and due end of March!
weddingdiva Posts: 1349
That sounds about right give or take a few days
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
Hi there, congrats on your bfp! Im due to return after mat leave soon :o( Your mat leave will start 2 weeks prior to your due date. That's not to say that you couldn't finish up sooner than that but it would not be considered mat leave, e,g, if you had a medical condition that your gp considered important enough for you to go out on sick leave. As you think your baby is due mid March, your mat leave would start 2 weeks before this and would unfortunately go over the summer holidays. So you would be due back around October i would imagine. Maybe you could consider going out on unpaid leave if this is not suitable for you? You also get 6 weeks (30 days) of days in lieu for holidays on top of the 26 weeks but again depends on how many holidays occur during your mat leave. Best thing to do is ring your union when you have your estimated due date. They will tell you an exact date. I'm not sure what the situation is with your non-cid hours - i dont know would it make any difference. Hope i have made some sense! Best of luck with your pregnancy! Enjoy every minute! :wv
cw2bmum Posts: 387
My friend is a teacher & had a baby last March, she started her mat leave in Jan as there is something about days in lieu & being due in Feb or March that means you can start leave earlier but still return on the same date. :wv
seedee Posts: 1017
if you were due 16th march, finished up march 1st, you'd be due back on october 21st.