Help grooms suit needs alterations

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kerrybridetobe16 Posts: 44
Hi, My husband to be has lost some weight recently which means we are going to have to get his suit altered. Only thing is its a really nice suit so I don't want to take it to somewhere that might wreck it but I also don't have that much money to spend altering it! Anyone have any suggestions? X
E.Rose Posts: 188
Perhaps speak to the shop where you bought it, they may have suggestions, or perhaps see if they'll exchange it for a smaller size?
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Yes I agree with OP about asking the shop to exchange it. If that's not possible, I've heard that the 'Zipyard' have a fantastic reputation for altering wedding dresses, suits etc. Can't vouch personally, but just have heard from other people. PS fair play to your fiance for losing weight :)