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jenzz77 Posts: 19
Starting to get stressed .. not about anything .. just about the fact I haven't a clue what I want .. the fact I haven't a clue is getting u dear my skin . Why ? Dress - no Idea . Flowers - no idea . Your getting the picture yeah ... do I take a valium and hope for the best ? I genuinely am at a loss which is so not like me ... any advice great fully appreciated as I really gotta start someone at this wedding planning lark .
meemee Posts: 121
Jenzz firstly when is your wedding? Time of year will play a big part of your flowers color/type etc. Secondly your dress maybe you're better off not having an idea,go in open minded let try on a dress of each siloutte type and you'll see what suits you best. It will all come together in the end just try not stress about it x
jenzz77 Posts: 19
NYE next year . I think it's maybe the fact I'm being asked every 2 minutes about plans and I'm like em I have none . I think it's others creating the panic. Lol . I'm a very decisive person normally but this is seriously a no idea venture at the moment. Lol lol
Tempranillo Posts: 36
Im so glad to hear im not the only one who is lost! And panicking! I will swing for the next person who tells me to enjoy this magical time!
fairylights16 Posts: 23
Don't worry girls, I'm exactly the same! And my wedding is 3 months from today. I do have most things organised at this stage but im when we got engaged last August I didn't have a clue what I wanted and was so sick of people asking me about the wedding, as if it should be the only thing on my mind. I still don't have suits and lots of the little details organised but I'm just hoping they'll all fall into place over the next few weeks. I just never had an idea of my wedding in my head, it took a lot for me to actual imagine it! Hopefully it'll all come together in the end xx
jenny7785 Posts: 158
I will say one thing, dont panic but get everything with bigger suppliers booked because of the date. church/band/photographer/venue. sit down with your fiance and see what kid of wedding you want. make out a plan just for the two of you and work offf that. when we wanted to book our wedding we wanted a specific band and they were booked on my wedding date so i pushed the wedding back a year and it all kind of slotted together. we booked everything before we even told anyone we were engaged. not a single person asked for last 18 months about anything to do with the wedding and the minute we hit the 6 month mark everyone is pipin up and its really stressful. if anyone wants to give you their two cents, just listen , dont agree or disagree, just let them say what they want, and then if its not helpful disregard it. people are just offering advice so dont let them stress you out
CasualBride Posts: 574
I agree with jenny7785, The fact that it's on NYE means you have to book your suppliers, but after that, I don't think you need to get too wound up. I hadn't a clue what kind of dress I wanted so I just let the shop assistants suggest styles to me and it wasn't long before I was able to whittle it down to a certain silhouette and had one chosen and paid for in 1 day's shopping. I honestly think that weddings throw up a lot of confusion for some of us girls - I am very laid-back and non-excitable by nature, but because of things like "Say Yes to the Dress" and films like Bride Wars, after I decided on my dress, I started worrying that maybe it wasn't really nice enough, that I'd just settled for the first one I liked simply because I didn't crumple to my knees in tears of joy at finding a dress I liked.. but in fairness, what else do you do when shopping - you find something you like and you buy it, you don't keep shopping for another 6 months. I think there's an awful lot of hype and stereotyping around us brides and for a lot of us, it's just not in our nature to get OTT about planning things.. it'll all be grand, what is there to do only book your suppliers and sort your outfit!! And as for people asking you about your plans, just tell them you've it all sorted. That's what I do. Most people don't really care anyway, they're just being polite by asking, so just say "ah yeah, I've it all sorted" Feck them!!
notthebride Posts: 172
OP I was the same - didnt know what I wanted for anything. Went dress shopping and the girl in the shop suggested a style to me that I would never have put on - even my sisters wers shocked when I tried it on - and it was perfect. It took me a while to find the dress itself but I had the style at least I set up a pinterest board and searched through for ideas and pics -you soon find out what you like and dont like in terms of flowers etc. I love pinterest!
polkadotty Posts: 72
Hi Jennz, my wedding is NYE this year and my first advice would be to get band, photographer, make up and all the big suppliers booked asap. It is insane how fast they go on NYE. Im going with a black and champagne colour theme (black tableclothes, champagne b/m dresses, same for cake etc). Dont stress about the dress, you'll quickly narrow down what suits and what doesn't once you start trying them. Bear in mind a lot of flowers will be out of season and therefore expensive that time of year. I am going for silk flowers for that reason. :) Good luck with you planning and try to enjoy it! :o)ll