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flow Posts: 296
hello ladies, i am getting married in a few weeks time and my mum is starting to look at outfits. she is very particular and conscience about her weight as she carries it all on her stomach. she would be about a size 18. anyway due to her size she doesnt want a dress, she would prefer a skirt and top or a layered dress or a trouser suit, something to cover her tummy. anyway because she is very particular we could walk into a shop and if nothing catches her eye she will walk back out so i want to go to a location that has a number of boutiques in a short radius. so we are not hopping in and out of the car every two seconds. we are based in the north/north side of dublin and i was wondering can you recommend anywear. i heard there are a few all together in drogheda. would anyone know that name of them or can you recommend another location? she doesnt really want to go to the usual places due to the fact that someone else at the wedding could turn up in the same outfit. Thanks
Jawl Posts: 8881
I'd give her the same advice I'd give if I was advising you about buying a wedding dress. Listen to the experts! :) Try and talk to her before hand and tell her they will know what will suit her and what won't. And magic undies are fab!
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Have you tried Arnotts? My mam got her outfit there - she is small, very big busted and has zero confidence so going into boutiques wasn't what she wanted. There are some great concessions in Arnotts in women's fashion so not necessarily the MOB section! HTH!
lux Posts: 6270
The village shop in Raheny has a very good range and caters for larger ladies. Would you have a look at the website with your mum before you go so she can see what's available? There's not a load of shops nearby so its a one shop trip but my mum found a few things she liked here, and she'd be quite fussy. When you say your mum walks out if nothing catches her eye, how much time would she spend looking? Because a lot of boutiques won't have everything out, you need to engage with the sales people and be willing to try on a few suggested pieces. Malahide has a couple of shops with MOB outfits but I'm not sure of names.
JazzyBride Posts: 262
Try Vanity Fair in Newbridge - they have a massive selection and there's plenty of other shops nearby if that doesn't work out.
Girl Posts: 195
Hi, I would second Arnotts and also try Debenhams, which is only across the street so you'll have plenty of outfits to choose from between the two stores.
gwendolen1 Posts: 56
call up to Drogheda, we have a fab shop called Jaquis, fine feathers and Ringos, also shaws have the same as arnotts all within walking distance, great shoe shops too, my mam got hers in jaquis on Laurance street , she had a double mascatomy and is very concious of her boobs, they dressed her brilliantly and only choose outfits to suit her.