Help,hospital bags for section?

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wasbabs2011 Posts: 185
Good morning, Sorry I did a few searches but couldn't get any list for this. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a thread that contains a list for hospital bags when you are going in for a section? Or if you could post one you have or what you think I need. I'm assuming I still bring in one bag for the actual section like a labour bag and then a hospital stay one as well? Thanks for any help.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
For the section, you'll just need to bring down a nappy, hat vest and babygrow.... Nothing else, no need for a 'labour bag'
wasbabs2011 Posts: 185
Thanks for that,kinda wondering about stuff for me too? Like where will I be dressed after etc? It would be great to have a list to work off! Hospital stay will be longer etc.
oldlangsayne Posts: 448
Hi! The most important thing I would say are big knickers :-8 :-8 !! You know the 'full' briefs, as you need them to come up over your wound. I had an emergency section and had to send DH out for them :-8 :-8 . Also get tem plenty big enough, Im a 14 but I got Dunnes size 20 :eek . I didnt bleed much and I only had those awful industrial size green pads so DH also had to go shopping for Always Night time so maybe add them to your list! You will be in a bit longer so plenty of underwear, toiletries etc. Comfy maternity clothes for going home, you dont want anything cutting into you at your wound, something nice and soft and loose. Its all about the comfort! Nightdresses, light ones, cos the band on the bottoms of the pjs might be uncoomfortable. Best of luck. I had no problems with my section and will push for one this time too please God! Take care.
wasbabs2011 Posts: 185
Cheers for that. If ya think of any more advice keep it coming!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
You'll be in a hospital gown when you go down and when you go back up to the ward, then the midwives will freshen you up and help you into a night dress... everything you need will be by your bed, you won't need anything for s actually operation. Get decent pads too, not the wee thin ones most shops seem to sell... useless! The big green ones are the best...
Plus1makes4 Posts: 721
Big granny pants are a must!! As you said its a long stay so bring lots if nighties/pjs. Keep some spares out at home that your DH can bring into you in case you need them. I changed then everyday. Slippers that you can get in easily, don't get ones that you have to bend down to put on, it's quite sore the first day or so. I used flip flops actually found them great. Support stockings but the hospital would provide is imagine, the Rotunda did anyway!
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
Arnica tablets -they help with the healing. Definitely the big green pads, I bled loads after ecs Don't bring too many pjs/change of clothes for baby. Pack a second bag and leave in DHs car, as not sure for every hospital, but the one I was in had very little storage space
randomusername Posts: 2134
How long is the stay in hospital for a section usually?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I was in five nights first time and four the second time, I asked to go home earlier and as I was in good shape there was no issue. I would suggest a small bag with dressing gown and slippers (I had hospital gowns in theatre) and keep everything else in a big bag. I went through lots of nighties.