Help! How to get out of an activity centre work day???!

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blondiechick Posts: 1641
Oh God, help Wollies!!! :ooh :ooh :ooh have just kindly announced a ‘surprise’ trip away on Thursday for our office to thank us for the hard work we have put in this year so far!!! Very nice of them…..BUT….the trip away is to an outdoor adventure centre! A lot of the staff here are young enough and the older ones are still going and going to have a few drinks while 'us' younger ones are doing activities. Now, I am normally in the thick of things on outings like this…I love all that kind of thing. It’s being paid for and as it’s a work day, how the heck am I going to get out of this???!!!!! I can’t start caving and rock climbing and surfing at almost 3 months pregnant! And everyone in the office is going!!! They don’t know yet that I am pregnant and there are a couple of right weapons who I work with and I want to keep it private from them for as long as possible. I am now in a dilemma what the heck am I going to do. I will be 12 weeks this Saturday and I wanted to wait another couple of weeks to tell my best friends etc. I am just very nervous about this pregnancy and the last thing I want is for the world to know about it before I am ready to tell them. I was thinking of faking being sick, but I HATE doing that…I always work really hard and never take sick days unless I really am sick. And the other thing is, if I do that, the boss, when I do tell him, will know I pulled a sickie that day :ooh . The main boss is on his holidays so it’s his manager who’s organising this. And I wanted to, out of courtesy tell the main boss first….but he’s not back for another 2 weeks. WHAT am I going to do??!! My plan was to keep this pregnancy hush as long as I could until I couldn’t hide it any longer for obvious reasons!!! Agggghhhhh
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Awe you poor chicken, what a dilema to find yourself in. I can see why your stressing but maybe the easiest option is to pull a sicky.... at least when the news breaks the boss will completely understand xxx
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Thanks for the advice Fishermans Bride, but I don't think the boss is the kind of man who would take to kindly to anyone pulling a 'sickie' if he found out they weren't really sick!!!! :ooh Why oh why did they have to announce this trip today!!! If they had announced it last week I might have had time to come up with an excuse or something!!!!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
You poor thing, I really feel sorry for you because you are trying to do everything buy the book. Would you not ask for a day off (annual leave) or the only other alternative would be to tell the manager organising in STRICTEST CONFIDENCE the truth why you can't go???
AA11 Posts: 313
Don't get me wrong, I don't pull sickies myself, but I can't see how anyone could think badly of you for pulling a sickie when it is to get out of going on an adventure activity type day when you are pregnant. Its not like you would have been doing any work that day anyway....and I wouldn't go telling anybody you are pregnant when you are not ready to. I'm sure when you eventually tell your boss he will completely understand...
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
Bad back. You'll do something very simple tonight, put your back "out" and be hobbling tomorrow for the day. Groan and moan every time you've to stand up or walk across the office. Say you'll still go on the day out, but can't promise you'll take part in anything - you'll see how your back is holding up on the day. And drinking? You've to drive somewhere that evening that you can't get out of.
esmum Posts: 426
Id deffo pull a sickie. When they eventually find out you are pregnant I dont think your boss would be angry as its not beyond the realms of possibility that you were sick/ had hospital appointment/ scan that day.
Elegance Posts: 2848
i agree with hopingforsoon. we had a day where we were all expected to come in and help do a big clear out recently = where there would be lots of heavy lifting involved. we moved offices. i hadnt' said i was pg yet - still haven't actually - so i told hr that i'd pulled a muscle in my back and was happy to do non-lifting things.... nobody batted an eyelid. i've pulled muscles before in my back and its so simple to do - reaching for a bag of rubbish in the wrong way can pull a muscle for e.g. so keep your story simple - and nobody will bat an eyelid pet!!!
blondiechick Posts: 1641
Thanks girls. I have come up with a solution, I am going to say that I won't be there that day as my car has to get a service and DH is not around so I have to drive it to the garage (which is true, it does need a service) so I will book it in hopefully to 'clash' with the day away! Thanks for your help in this. :thnk