Help! I cannot find a good band!

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Lalaloopsey Posts: 17
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a cool band. I am getting married next November in Mount Druid, Westmeath (converted barn style) and I'm looking for a trio or maybe 4 person band as I think the venue would suit a smaller band. I've no aunties, uncles going just all our friends and family so I'd love a current band as I don't need the usual 'oldies' tunes!! I found a few bands but they were booked already. I'd really appreciate a recommendation for you guys! Thanks a mill xx
Fruice Posts: 677
Try The Suite, brilliant "young" band, can't recommend them highly enough. [url:1n1i6or5][/url:1n1i6or5]
Mrsvj Posts: 86
Check out Hitmen Trio. They were recommend to us as we're getting married in a manor house & wanted something smaller than a big traditional wedding band. Unfortunately for us they were booked out for our date but they recommended other bands they know that we're similar & we chose Partyrox. Not crazy about the name but they are another trio & do a mix of current, 90s & 80's.
mrsnolantobe Posts: 56
You know one of my biggest nightmares was picking a band! Its so important to have good entertainment. We checked out nearly every band as we were the same as you and have a young crowd going to our wedding so wanted someone to entertain them and get everyone on the floor. We found a band called Till death do us party and am honestly so excited to hear them on the day. I stalked them on youtube and read all reviews. Only thing is I think there are 5 of them. They also don't play waltzes but if your crowd is young I would deffo check them out. The lead singer seems like really great craic too ! Hope this helps :)
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Would highly recommend The Darktown Strutters from Cork- brilliant jazzy band- with supercool front guy Gary- great DJ set too. We would have had these at our wedding except for bit of email misunderstanding..... Harlequin and Long John Jump Band decent as well
geminigal Posts: 53
I can highly recommend Diamond Standard wedding band. They are based in the midlands but travel anywhere. They play a great mix of songs to suit everyone and I found them lovely to deal with. :wv
excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
We had late nite radio and they are brilliant. Check them out on you tube
poppingcandy Posts: 593
Have you looked at the Best Men? They are very current with the music they play.. And they are also based in Meath. There is an option to pick how many you want in the band, but I am pretty sure minimum is 4. :o)ll
notthebride Posts: 172
Check out The Great Escape. They are based in Drogheda. They will send you a sample cd to listen to but trust me it doesn't do them justice!
pooch90 Posts: 319
We also wanted a young band and were quite fussy. I couldn't find one for ages and hated many of the usual ones suggested. We've picked The Best Men in the end. They have a monthly showcase in The Dylan hotel in Dublin so you can go and see them. They're very popular though so you'd want to be booking them soon if it's for busy period.