HELP -I need info on good bands! nothing booked

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Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
Hi All I'm only sorting out my wedding for next year now..... Do you have any info (telephone, websites) for goods bands. I've gone through the suppliers list on WOL and nothing is working out for me!!! Help me please!!!! Thanks a mill xxxxxx
Suebabe Posts: 553
Hi :wv Did you try Vertigo??? I found them very easy to deal with and if there booked ask them to recommend someone !!!
Cork Oct 08 Posts: 749
The Marvels are very good, based in cork but as far as I know they will travel. HTH
silvertiara Posts: 17
Im not sure if your difficulty in getting a good band is to do with availability or whether you dont like the ones on the suppliers directory ! I saw 2 bands at the weekend both of whom are advertisers on the suppliers directory. The 1st band I would not recommend as they were very amateurish in every way sounded poor and not rehearsed at all The second band After Dark were brilliant maybe a little loud but definitely one of the best bands I have heard for a long time. There are lots of other great bands on the suppliers directory depending on the style you are looking for . Good luck with your search. Silvertiara
montagne Posts: 1849
Santoria They’re great.
JMBvideos Posts: 511
Hi Little Miss Chatterbox. What part of the country is your wedding in? Some bands travel pretty much anywhere while others stay more local. If you let us know where the wedding is, I might be able to give you a few contact details for some bands in the general area that we have heard.
newyear09wife Posts: 899
groove academy are my recommendation... they are kildare base but travel and very versatile... lovely to deal with. if you want their contact details pm me
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
My wedding will be in Kilkenny. I've e-mailed celticmusic agency from the suppliers list twice and have heard nothing. i really like the sound of them. I'm looking for a good fun band with an irish twist and who will get the crowd going with games ect!! Not asking for much at this late notice am I!!! Will email what you have mentioned, thank you so much for your help. A very stressed Little Miss!!!!
babynumber1 Posts: 282
we have booked the Bowen Brothers and there is some great feed back about them so might be worth a try..
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Beat Club are excellent, we got loads of compliments about them!!!!!