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Valkstar Posts: 2747
We want to start looking for our wedding cake soon, so does anyone have any favourites in Dublin? We were going to get a gorgeous one from Limerick, but we're not sure if we can get it picked up now (long story O:| ) The one we had picked was Belgian chocolate fudge, Baileys madeira and spicy carrot cake...decorated with white chocolate curls. We'd be looking for something similar. Also, how do you go about getting samples? Do you just go in and ask or am I being stupid ? :-8 Thanks
Valkstar Posts: 2747
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
Try the boston bakery...i have been told they have a showroom and you can taste/see what they have...any good bakery should be able to do up what you want... hope you have some luck getting what you want...
morphetts Posts: 41
There's a company called Top Tier but they're based in Cavan, don't know if you'd be willing to travel, but they have a showroom there where they can mix and match anything that you see and might like. Hope this helps!
11/07/08 Posts: 3
Hi Valkstar, sorry I can't help you with a cake in Dublin but could you tell me where in Limerick you were gonna order cake from as it sounds gorgeous!!
Tibby Posts: 346
A Piece Of Cake are based in Firhouse. Might have what your looking for
Valkstar Posts: 2747
[quote="11/07/08":3sm0c6z9]Hi Valkstar, sorry I can't help you with a cake in Dublin but could you tell me where in Limerick you were gonna order cake from as it sounds gorgeous!![/quote:3sm0c6z9] No problem, it was recommended by Mrs.KB .... here's her post: ... p?t=102202 The store is in Grove Island shopping centre. Contact is Eamon Butler, and phone number is 061 348022. H2b and I are still thinking of it cos it sounds sooooooo good.
Snowqueen Posts: 345
Tasting cakes was one of the few aspects of wedding planning that H2B was interested in. And like everything he does (bless him) he did it thoroughly and patiently, leaving no stone unturned. All of the places we visited gave us samples to try and to be honest we were surprised at the difference in quality. We were ready to pay a deposit to one place until we tasted the cake and realised it was horrible. We didn't have the same range of options on cakes as they all get very busy at Christmas and you can only have fruit or chocolate biscuit and Cake Box in Dun Laoghaire had the nicest chocolate biscuit cake. Of course, if you have more options to choose from, you might have to sample their cakes several times just to be sure you're making the right decision. Oh, and if you want your H2B to come to wedding fares, the words "I think there'll be cake samples" work everytime!
11/07/08 Posts: 3
Thanks for that Valkstar. That is so mad, that shop is really near where my parents live but never even thought of it! Will have to go in when I'm home for Xmas.