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McLisa Posts: 1815
Girls I need help accessorising this dress. It's for a wedding in Scotland on New Year's Eve I wouldn't normally wear black to a wedding but hey it was on sale and it fits! I was thinking maybe go with nude shoes, clutch and fascinator or maybe red? Really need to inject some colour into it!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I'm the worlds worst to ask for fashion advice, but I just wanted to say, it's a beautiful dress.
anonnybride Posts: 281
Gorgeous dress... you could go for gold and sparkly accessories as it's new year's eve... gimme a minute to have a look ;-)
anonnybride Posts: 281
Shoes... [url:3ffv21e3],11&Rf947=4108&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Gold[/url:3ffv21e3] bag [url:3ffv21e3][/url:3ffv21e3] I think this belt would look fab but you may not want to add a belt. Up to you... [url:3ffv21e3],20&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Gold[/url:3ffv21e3] Also love this hair clip.. [url:3ffv21e3][/url:3ffv21e3]
McLisa Posts: 1815
Wow love it Annoybride! Do you do this for a living?
anonnybride Posts: 281
Ha I WISH sooooooo much... Na I just really love styling outfits - especially for weddings. You could replace the belt with a really nice statement necklace. Something like theses: [url:ixmo9b33][/url:ixmo9b33] [url:ixmo9b33][/url:ixmo9b33] Or you could add a splash of colour like green... [url:ixmo9b33][/url:ixmo9b33]
adelz Posts: 3088
Love the dress can I ask is it very fitted or have you a link for it?
McLisa Posts: 1815
Annoy bride I love the jewellery, thanks so much for the help really appreciate if! The dress isn't too fitted, well it is for me about my back side but that's because I have a bubble butt and everything clings to it, it's good quality material and not that usual stretchy cheap stuff, it gives you good structure. It's more straight cut from the hips so id say fitted on the top half then looser on the bottom. Here's the link
rightway Posts: 13
Fab dress I would go with red shoes, maybe red nails and a red head piece you can go gold or silver jewellery i wouldnt go too mad on necklace as it is a fab cut maybe mad earrings. you will get everything in pulse acessories in greenogue all half price and any color you want i went there in june to acessorize for a wedding i wore a black dress but went with mint green for summer.
lorraine78 Posts: 988
What about hot pink? Saw Victoria Beckham in a black dress with hot pink shoes and clutch and it looked fab :lvs