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excitedjuly12 Posts: 1722
At our wedding, a friend of mine got into a group with my hubbies friends, she chatted one in particular for most of the night, thought he was lovely and is now very interested in him but he doesn't feel the same way, I feel I'm torn in the middle, what can I do/say... Any advice? :-8
Calsilver Posts: 21
You'll have to be honest with her but be gentle. False hope is a hideous thing so you don't want to go giving her any. Poor girl, we've all been there haven't we
Ellefun Posts: 1312
I'd be straight with her, without being brutal. Just bolster her confidence, that there is nothing wrong with her, he just isn't interested in her, or anyone just now. It will save future embarrassment or awkwardness if there are any group nights out where she could meet him or her trying to text etc.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
100% agree with catsilver. I'm the only single one in my group of friends and they are always trying to set me up with any single guys in their OH's group of friends etc.... if one of them were to say that they weren't interested or something and my friends never told me and I was persueing them I'd be mortified and pee'd off with my friend for not letting me know and saving embarrasment! Obviously say it in a nice way but just say that you sussed it out and he's not really interested and isn't looking for anything at the moment. That would be totally enough for me to say grand I'll forget about him so - hopefully it will be enough for your friend too and her feelings won't be hurt.
katief Posts: 1900
Definitely say it to her. She'll move on then knowing he doesnt feel the same.