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chirpy07 Posts: 75
I get my hair blow -dried quite a lot so with the recession & all, i am sick of paying bewteen 25-32e for just a blowdry...Can we find the cheapest blowdry in dublin city or surburbs?
glowgirl Posts: 32
Hey! Really nice salon in D.10, Sarsfield Road. Its called GLOW. Prices range from 18 - 22 euros for a blow dry! Phone number is 6206800, you should give it a try.Best of luck!
septgal Posts: 330
Place in Lucan-haircrew in hillcrest is bewteen 17-25e !!
bubbler Posts: 116
Dublin city centre - chinese hair salon (can't remember the name). Its on talbot and is upstairs near 101 talbot restaurant. €18 all hair lengths and they are super fast if you don't mind a different experience to irish salons.
wah Posts: 1414
i'd second Glow, thinks its changed hands a while back, nice salon
MrsApril2009 Posts: 63
Rapunzels in tallaght, E15 for all lenght hair blow drying. If i'm in town i head to the global hairdressing school, E15 for a trainee to do your hair.... perfect!!!!
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Robert Chambers/Lunatic Fringe Hairdressing school on Liffey Street is only about €10 I think. Prob best going to any of the hairdressing Training Schools to get it a bit cheaper.