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MrsGPants Posts: 835
Girls, help please!!! I picked a veil in The White Room, Mullingar. They rang me today to say the veil has been discontinued by the supplier and i'll have to pick another one. :weep :weep :weep The thing is - i dont want another one, i totally want that one now that ive seen it !!(Bridezilla!! :o)ll ) So i'll describe it and see does anyone now where i can find it : 2 teir ivory catherdral length, with a beading trim all around the edge. Now the beads are not scatter or sporadic, they are basically little tube-beads laid end-to-end so that there is a continuous line all around the edge of the veil. And the beads sparke. Its so pretty :heartbeat: :heartbeat: . The supplier is called Athena. Help me find it please please, pretty please... :thnk
teapotty Posts: 2085
You could buy an unbeaded version of the veil and get swarovski tube beads and do a diy job? Or bring it to a dressmaker? I think there's a shop on the quays (northside) near O'Connell St and they sell swarovski beads.
CelD Posts: 699
Hi There Xmas10bride, I just PM'ed you! Celine :wv
ianstuart Posts: 1947
Hi XMAS BRIDE I think i know the veil you mean , my cousin was getting married last year and when i saw the veil in the shop ( i was up with her when picking the dress ) i nearly died :ooh . It was the most beautiful veil i ever saw , i know a bit OTT but this veil was exactly as you described and fab :lvs :lvs . She got the veil in McElhinneys ballybofey 074 9131217 , i hope this is of some help and GOOD LUCK
newlywed2011 Posts: 363
hi try i got the same veil as you describe from them had it within 2 weeks :wv def worth having a look at website
MrsGPants Posts: 835
Thanks for all you help girls. I was so gutted when i got the call today to say they were discontinued :o( but there may be hope yet, when i check out all the recommended alternatives. Thanks :thnk :thnk Here is the trim on the veil, the pics might be a bit rubbish, but truely the veil is amazing!! [attachment=1:11fn2eu0]sparklesonveil1.jpg[/attachment:11fn2eu0] [attachment=0:11fn2eu0]Sparklesonveil2.jpg[/attachment:11fn2eu0]
MrsGPants Posts: 835
Ladies, To update: Joy of Joys! The White Room rang me to say i can have the sample in the shop, which is in perfect condition. They are taking it off the shop floor for me (since the line has been discontinued there is no point in them having it on display anyway) Whoop whoop! Horray! Yippee!! :lvs :heartbeat: :hyper: