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MissSunshine12 Posts: 273
JustBecause Posts: 3242
The dresses are fab! Hot pink is a great wedding colour. I wouldn't worry about trying to have a Christmassy look, Hot pink is a great winter colour and by choosing a slightly different colour them you can make it all about the weddign rather than the time of year. Personally I wouldn't worry about the church being red and wouldn't try to incorperate the colour into my theme but if you wanted to you could. This theme(below) has a great selection of colours and would be really fun for a NYE wedding. You could go for a mix of lovely bright flowers ( pinks, reds, oranges and purples). [attachment=1:ztpwgg4x]confettiinvitation.jpg[/attachment:ztpwgg4x] ... event.html If you wanted to go a little more formal you could have a hot pink, black and white(ivory) theme that would be very elegant and classic for NYE In this one they've also added some extra colour with the flowers [attachment=0:ztpwgg4x]BlackWhitePinkAndMore.jpg[/attachment:ztpwgg4x] Alternatively hot pink and navy look brilliant together and you could use an accent colour like lime green or pale pink for the flowers ties etc to pull it all together.
flor Posts: 1621
i'm guessing when you say the inside of the church is red that it's a sort of terracotta shade of red...? if this is the case, then i think you'll need to pull the pink of the dresses with the red of the church together or they might clash violently...! IMO plain ivory bouquets might be a bit too stark... i think justbecause' suggestion of the orange, red, and pink sounds good & i might add a few very dark red flowers such as 'black' calla lilies to 'ground' it a bit. [attachment=2:3p9mx25u]burgundy pink orange.jpg[/attachment:3p9mx25u] or these [attachment=0:3p9mx25u]pink_flowers_963_11_t.jpg[/attachment:3p9mx25u] or these look a little bit christmassy with the silver going through them [attachment=1:3p9mx25u]1217514598.gif[/attachment:3p9mx25u] you also have bouquets of mixed gerbera with the black centres [really like these] except with some hot pink in there too - [attachment=3:3p9mx25u]gerbera.jpg[/attachment:3p9mx25u] hope that helps!
MissSunshine12 Posts: 273
[quote="flor":1iojiylh]i'm guessing when you say the inside of the church is red that it's a sort of terracotta shade of red...? [/quote:1iojiylh] It's a tiny country church and they've painted the front/altar side. Red like strawberry red! Not like terracota, just a pure red. Other walls are cream but you know how photos are often taken with front of church as background. Thanks so far and keep the suggestions coming!
flor Posts: 1621
that's an unusal colour for a wall alright, although i think it might actually be to your advantage that it's not terracotta as strawberry red would be closer in colour to your dresses! with that in mind, your own ideas of pinks & reds would look good then, maybe with a few small hints of ivory (to tie in the other walls in the church). you could also have lots of greenery mixed in through the arrangements on the altar if you wanted to break it up. also, try to find out who would normally do the flowers for the church, (i think i remember you saying you hadn't yet found a florist), they either might be able to point you to a florist, or you could maybe come to some sort of a cost sharing arrangement, or they might even agree to do them for you! (have read about this happening before). if you do find a florist they should be able to advise re. the flowers, or if you're having problems sourcing flowers in the colours you want at that time of year, maybe you could consider using silk ones and mix them with real flowers & foliage..? peonies, dahlias and anemones come in vibrant colours but might not be available in winter. hydragea also comes in soft or hot pink and has large heads so a couple would do, and can also be gotten in silk. ebay has lots of silk flowers and there are previous threads on here with recommendations for other places to source them. as for your overall colour scheme, i wouldn't overly worry about the red wall and having to include it in the scheme. as previously suggested, hot pink & black or navy, maybe with a bit of silver thrown in would look lovely! google images throws up loads of pics, as does! hope you find something!
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
Gorgeous BM dresses - it's a beautiful shade of pink. Have a look at the website - it's great for colour combos