Help! morning sickness killing me

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Jenron Posts: 259
Ladies I'd appreciate any recommendations or tips you can give me for bad nausea and morning (yeah right more like all day) sickness! I have all day and night nausea so not sleeping great. When I do throw up, it's more like bile (sorry TMI). This happened last night going to bed, 3am and then again this morning. Still early in the pregnancy so haven't told anyone in work but I'm feeling so rotten all day that it's hard to concentrate. Completely turned off my food but still trying to stick to small meals every few hours. Would have generally drank between 2 - 3 litres of water a day before getting pregnant but now can barely drink a litre during the course of the day. I've read to stick to plain foods so toast is my new best friend. Also giving ginger tea a go as I read ginger is meant to be good. Anyone else find anything helped them? I'm willing to try anything. Thanks.
Ariel85 Posts: 11
Jenron, you poor thing! I'm afraid I can't really offer much advice (haven't suffered anything like you yet, still very early days for me) but my friend told me she survived on dry crackers & ginger ale! Hopefully it'll pass for you soon x
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Try wearing sea/travel sickness bands - they may help relieve the nausea a little. As others have said ginger and plain, dry foods are also good. If it's really bad let your midwife now and an anti emetic (anti sickness) drug could be prescribed.
MrsDraper Posts: 146
Jenron you have my sympathy, morning sickness is the absolute pits. Dry crackers are good and Carrs sell them in the little packets of 2 or 3 so they are handy for the handbag/car. Ginger tea, ginger biscuits & ginger ale didn't really help me, I now loathe anything ginger flavoured ever since! Travel sick wristbands definitely helped me, didn't get rid of nausea altogether but defo helped settle that shaky stomach feeling. Only problem was hiding them under long sleeves in summertime (this time last year actually) so used to be roasting in work some days! Plain cheese sandwiches worked for me when I couldn't eat much else, also glasses of milk seemed so appealing. Those cheapo mini pizzas "Pizzinis" cheese & tomato flavour were dinner plenty of times when I couldn't face anything else, not the most nutritious but what can you do. Are you taking the Pregnacare multivitamins? The morning sickness lasted all day for a few weeks but tapered off until it would only start late afternoon, then late evening, then bedtime & eventually gone altogether, hallelujah, that was at about 14 weeks.
mamime Posts: 791
I get bad morning sickness too and thought by 12 weeks it would be tapering off, but like my last pregnancy, this time its just continuing and i feel wrecked most days.. I've been just learning what works for me with each pregnancy, this is my 3rd. I hadn't heard of the wristbands, they sound like a good idea.. i have been advised to take a travel sickness tablet if i need to, but don't take them every day.. plus some days of course i'm too late and throw them back up! For me i've good days and bad days. Is yours every day? Good days is just nausea, bad days i throw everything up including water. If i eat regularly it helps and also if i eat what i am in the mood for! If i make myself eat something just because its there, i won't stomach it. Not the cheapest of pregnancies!! ;) When i am sick a lot i get bad headaches and dizziness. Have you that problem too? I find salty foods help. Although they say you should avoid fatty foods when you feel sick, i find a handful of salty crisps do actually help. I love pizza at the moment too Mrsdraper! and am drinking bovril when i am dizzy and nauseous, again for the salt. From my experience it sounds like your hunger may be causing some of the sickness (especially if you've nothing to throw up). An empty stomach makes me feel worse. Although i know i will be sick some time later i make myself eat something when i feel nauseous. Also sorry about tmi, but if you're only throwing up bile it hurts! Definitely keep something in your tummy. Also if you are awake at night, then tiredness could make you sick too. Its a vicious circle!! I really need to lie down on the couch every day and try nap for 30mins while my dd watches some tv and ds naps. Otherwise i wouldn't function. It stops me feeling sick if i am less tired. Don't know if thats possible for you though if you work.. The less running around and less active i am, the better too.. easier said than done with ds atm. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! Hope you can find some relief soon Jenron. Whats that about the multivitamin Mrsdraper? Is it supposed to help? Coz i seem to always throw mine up when i take it.. so i stopped :/
MrsDraper Posts: 146
Just that with cheese sambos / pizzas / crackers being my diet for a few weeks the multivitamins at least provided some proper vitamins & minerals. Yeah they can upset the tummy too but they are meant to be taken with / after a main meal, so maybe try them again after toast or pizza. You're totally right about staving off hunger, as soon as hunger got a grip I would feel nauseous for the day even if I then ate something, the trick was to nibble something before the hunger hit at all. Hope it tapers off soon for you!!
Jenron Posts: 259
Thanks for all the tips ladies. I'm eating something small every hour now such as fruit or toast and still trying to have a good breakfast, lunch and dinner even if I don't feel like it - last night had some pasta for dinner which I actually enjoyed. Completely gone off sweet stuff though. Actually feel a bit better today. I slept well last night so could be down to that. That been said, now that I don't feel as nauseous I'm worried that something is wrong and the slightest little twinge has me stressing!! Anyone else have MS that comes and goes? It really is a vicious cycle. We had a MC earlier in the year and there were complications from it so we were surprised and ecstatic when we found out we were pregnant. Honestly I don't think I'll be able to relax until the baby arrives! Thanks again for the tips x
Jojo8 Posts: 13
Hi All, Jenron you poor thing. I am just having the constant nausea which is bad enough. I definitely find if I eat something small then I tend to feel better temporarily! Also someone told me that love hearts or refreshers (the sweets) are good for morning sickness. I got some love hearts to give them a go and they seemed to work! Something to do with their chalkiness. Worth a try anyway! Hope you feel better soon x