help...morning sickness...really need help...

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tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Hi Girls, The MS has kicked in this morning.... God it's awful, really bad. I haven't actually got sick but I'm reaching since 6 this morning. I literally got 2 hours sleep last night, it was so warm wasn't it?? And then in the car on the way to work this morning I was spitting into a mothercare bag!!! DH had bought a tiny weeney baby hat for us for Christmas! I've searched for all the old cures in WOL and I'm going to start on the dry crackers tomorrow. The worst part is being in work and having to pretend I have a bug of some sort..... How am I going to keep this a secret??????????????? Can anyone offer any tips on MS???? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
i had that kind of MS never got sick just loads of saliva in mouth and flet sick all the time. i ate dry crackers, sucked on barley sugars to keep feeling of sick away ate ginger nut bikkes, as far as i can remember sucking the sweets help me the most. best of luck hope you find somethin that suits you
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
God love you, it's so tough alright. Feel free to feel really sorry for yourself. :action32 To be honest I didn't find many of the remedies helped me too much, but everyone is different. Some of the things I did try were - sea sickness wrist bands eating little and often avoiding getting too tired ginger ginger nut biscuits 7up MS oil on tissue (preg store) - didn't like, but find something you do like the smell of sucking boiled sweets With regards to keeping it a secret I kept telling people I was hung over! Hence the nausea. Worked pretty well and should work even better at this time of year! Hope you feel better soon.
oirish Posts: 1541
Hi, gosh you poor thing, it really isn't nice. I'm not going to be much help I found one thing would help one day and have me heaving the next. However, I did find that sucking on an eskimo mint or similar would help if I was feeling nauseaus.
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
thanks for listening to me moaning girls.. i don't mean to, i'm so grateful to be pg but i have a bit of a fainting problem before getting pg so i really really don't need really bad ms to be bring it on again..... i have such a feeling the next 8 months will be some rollercoaster for me!!!!!! not feeling too bad now. going out to obriens for lunch.. i think i'll get toast... x
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i had bad morning sickness but found that the following helped a bit... eating little and often - if i got hungry at all the MS got way worse regular sips of flluids - i found cold iced tea was the best resting as much as possible - if i got tired it got way worse the MS sweets from the pregnancy store - very expensive but did help a bit i found that strong scents set off the nausea really badly so had to change all my body lotions and shower gels etc ....avoiding strongly scented stuff kept nausea at bay (a little bit)
Midlands Mum Posts: 871
Hi babycake, i have a history of passing out as well and it can be quite severe at times. To avoid this during my pregnancys i made sure i kept my blood sugars up. So if i started to feel faint i would eat a biscuit or drink some fizzy pop. Also i was never one for breakfast but when im pregnant i have two slices of brown bread toasted not the sliced pan stuff. This seems to be doing the trick for me. Eat little and often. Not sure about any remedies for the MS i never really had it as early on as you. Mine usually kicked in at the 7/8 wk mark and it hasnt been to bad. Hope you feel better soon. :wv
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
Thanks for the advice Mummy06. I've had nasty faints in the past resulting in cut face/bumps/bruises etc! I have stocked up on Lucozade so I'll make sure to keep them handy at all times... x
Liljay Posts: 4
Hi babycake Don't really have any advice to give but just want you to know that I feel your pain. I have just gone past the 12 week mark and have spent the past 7 weeks being sick...morning, noon & night sickness!! I had to tell every1 at 7 weeks coz I was so bad It does seem to be getting better in the last week or so tho and haven't been sick at all today so there is light at the end of it!! Hope you feel better soon hun xx
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
All that worked for me was to make sure I ate something(a slice of toast) before I went to bed and again first thing in the morning, if I left my stomach empty I would be empty reaching for the day. I still start empty reaching if I leave it too long between meals. :hic I hope you feel better soon :wv