help my boobs are dissapearing

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bx Posts: 288
hi girls im trying hard to loose weight at the moment, im doing ok but its my boobs that are loosing it. i am a size 14/16 with a 36 d bra size. i love my boobs and was quite happy for them to stay and just wanted to loose weight everywhere else! is there any exercises i can do to get them back or food i should eat? any advice girlies???
Anonymous Posts: 24542
sue27 Posts: 604
hi bx, I don't think there's anything you can do to be honest. I was the same when I lost weight, went from a big 36D to a small 34C. not happy, but what can you do... the only thing is try and strengthen the muscles underneath by doing weights. not fair though is it... these days I'm trying not to put on weight, but when I put on a bit, I notice it straight away, cause they get bigger again. :o0
jellytots Posts: 139
Im afraid its the price you have to pay to be slim and trim.. Went from a C to an A/B... I'm still happier.. It was worth the sacrafice...
gogglebox Posts: 910
I lost two bra sizes recently while dieting :eek mind you... they reappear as soon as I've had a few too many bad weekends on the trot! My suggestion would be to exercise to try to lose weight more evenly elsewhere. I find if I diet to lose weight, then it goes from the places I don't want, but if I exercise and diet... then the weight loss is much more even. I don't know if that'll help... nothing will make them bigger, but making yourself more in proportion might make the loss to the boobies less noticable?
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
Since breast tissue is mainly fatty tissue, it's inevitable that if you once you reduce your bodyfat, the size of your breasts will be reduced somewhat. [b:1fal6rm4][u:1fal6rm4]However[/u:1fal6rm4][/b:1fal6rm4] - how much breast size you lose depends on how you lose the weight. You'll lose the most through relying solely on weight-loss drinks. Not only that, you'll lose muscle. Your pectoral muscles acts as a natural wonderbra, propping up what you have. Lose any of the muscle you possess there and your breasts will soon be heading in the direction of your knees. When this happens to elderly women, it's simply because of all the muscle tissue they're losing. I recommend you gradually decrease your daily calorie intake and start a strength-training program, concentrating on all of the body. Exercises such as bench presses, dumbell flyes, pec dec and cable crossover will tone up your pectorals and will greatly enhance what you've got.
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Hey sister i hear ya although i've never had big ' tiddlers are down to a 36A now. :o( Actually i love 'em 'cos they're perky and cute!