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newbe Posts: 276
Do you give people there full name? for example i have an uncle Willie but is seem weird to call him William on the invite, have the same issue with a few "davy's".....what do you think? We always have called these people Davy and Willie but do you put William, David etc........ cheers
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Use the full name especially if you are unsure of the shortened or pet name spelling
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
We used full names as well. :wv
Hearts07 Posts: 540
We used the the names we know them by, e.g Davy, Ger, Mick etc. The way we looked at it was, it would see weird to use their full name when we never call them by it
newbe Posts: 276
Thanks girls Think I will go with the names as we know them i.e. davy etc, i guess it is a pesonal choice.