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Terrylee Posts: 127
Hey Wollies :wv Major stressing out for the last few months over my wedding cars which is a gift from my sister. Firstly I think it's way too expensive for her to pay as a wedding gift, but she's insisting on it. That's not my problem though. I booked my cars around this time last year. We booked a Chrysler executive car and Chrysler Limo. But now we have a major problem. Our bridal party is too big for the cars. We have myself and H2B. 4 Bridesmaids, 4 Groomsmen, A Page boy and a Flower girl, whom are so excited about being in the Limo. So that's a total of 12 people. Limo will only allow 8 people due to some Irish law about only being allowed max of 8 in a car, however with a Hummer that is not a problem as it's strictly not a car. Were grand to get everyone to the Hotel for Civil Ceremony as H2B & Groomsmen are dropped first, The limo then comes to my parents house to get myself & Dad in exec car and the girls, mum, pageboy & flower girl in limo. Problem is getting to the venue for photo's. Only 8 can be in limo. So what to do?? I asked the company (whom my sister has paid a deposit of €50 which is a small deposit compared to other companies) about doing 2 drops to the photo venue and 2 then back to Reception. They said that it would be an extra €100 to do this. I think this a bit cheeky and am not willing to pay for it or to allow my sister to pay for it. It's a Civil Ceremony so not as long as a religious ceremony which i've said to them. Also the Photo Venue is only less than 15min drive. The BM's, Gm's, Flowergirl & pageboy don't need to be at the photo venue as long as us. And we don't want to be anymore than an hour at the photo venue, which I told them & our Photographer knows this aswell. But they won't do this unless we pay the extra €100 O:| O:| >:o( >:o( Another company have suggested a 16 Seater Silver Hummer to solve our problem and have even given it to us at a discounted price. 16 Seater will be plenty of room for all people and of course my dress. Now I think this could be a bit of craic as we could all have a bit of our own party in the Hummer while everyone at the reception are having theirs, the hotel we are getting married also give us a hamper as part of our package with food and drink in it for during the photo sessions. But I'm afraid of it looking a bit tacky. Obviously if we were getting married in a church a Hummer would be well out of the question. It does however mean it will be a whole lot cheaper for my sister, she'll be saving half of what she would have been paying. Another company said they would put all 8 adults (4BM's & 4GM's) in the limo and the 2 children, which would be great but we don't know if we should go with this? Is it a bit ify? Please HELP!!! O:| O:| I would appreciate some of your thoughts about this and if you think the Hummer would be a regret. Thanks in advance for any help!!!!! :thnk
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
Ok, this is what we are doing & I think we're on the same timeline as yourself. We're hiring one car & that's Dad & I to get to church & then for Mr Big & I to get to reception (with the usual stops for photos) The 2 Bm's & FG will travel with my Mum to church. Bestman & Groomsman will travel with Groom in his car to church. That same car will then be used to transport the Bm's, FG, Bestman & Groomsman to photos & reception. Job done! The car company we're using doesn't charge for stops, the church is 5 mins from my parents house, stops for photos are enroute to hotel which is 10mins from my parents house. I did think of getting another car but there's no point in putting the added expense on ourselves. Plus there's enough smart cars in the family to do the job. I hope that this helps you
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, In the vast majority of cases only one car is booked for the day, all too often couples get caught up in trying to organize things like transport that normal, responsible, people should be capable of organizing themselves. There should be plenty of cars available to brings Bridesmaids/Groomsmen, etc, to the Church and Venue. Best wishes, The Getaway Team.
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
in the many weddings i have been to, i have never seen a car for the groomsmen, usually they drive themselves. when my h2b was groomsman he has a nice car and was roped in to drive the bridesmaids, we will only be getting one car and a friend with a high end car will be driving BM. dont forget if u are transporting all these people to wedding venue, how are they goin to get back home? we will able be staying overnight at venue and are dropping down cars the day before
puddin2 Posts: 1093
That's a good plan MrsBig10. Who is driving the BM's etc after the ceremony? Is it one of the GM?
Kkilkenny Posts: 208
Id agree with getaway. Surely there is a family member who could drop them, and spend the money on somthing else instead!!
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
[quote="PT2012":3gsxqw5g]That's a good plan MrsBig10. Who is driving the BM's etc after the ceremony? Is it one of the GM?[/quote:3gsxqw5g] Yeah it'll be, though they don't know that yet :innocent: [quote="kittycatt24":3gsxqw5g]dont forget if u are transporting all these people to wedding venue, how are they goin to get back home? we will able be staying overnight at venue and are dropping down cars the day before[/quote:3gsxqw5g] As venue is 10mins from us, leaving cars shouldn't be a prob and will be done in the morning. I'll let the groom sort that, you know how fellas love all the carry on