HELP - Need top photographer - Middle of the road price

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neversohappy Posts: 2
Hi. I'm getting married in Killarney in 2010. I'm looking for a really good photographer who takes great natural shots (not so much posing). The only thing is that I'm not prepared to pay over 2000 euro. Can I do this realisticly for 1500-2000??? Please help. I'm getting concerned that I won't find someone.
doras Posts: 164
hi have a look at he is in that price range and really very good, give him a buzz
nov2009 Posts: 63
Hi, Special offer at present on Not sureif it would extend to 2010 but only one way to find out, great guy, lovely to deal with O-O
ladyandthetramp Posts: 411
i second the giveusagoo photographer, i have him booked, really nice guy, reckion not too posy photos, check out the photos on his site some look really funny and relaxed.
tallabried Posts: 20
Sorry cant recommend anyone but do a search on for munster photographers, email them all with your wedding date, I did it and got loads of responses, then reply and ask them for their price lists!! Then you can do a search on WOL for comments on individual photographers, good luck!!
roma2011 Posts: 1208
Peter Neill has a special offer on until 22nd March of a full day photography with handmade leather album from Italy, 50 prints of your choice up to A4, DVD disc of the 50 photos and CD disc with all photos taken on the day on it - all for €1,100 incl VAT! Just been emailing him the last two days about my own wedding and he answers promptly, seems very nice and on the ball. His website is [url:3e19vphh][/url:3e19vphh] if you want to check his work out. He seems very flexible, so if you want to have more candid shots I'm sure he'd oblige. I'd be similar in that I'd prefer to be able to just relax and enjoy my day. No harm in asking anyway! :wv
martie Posts: 34
i'm going with Dave McClelland. he's around 1500 depending what package you chose, met him already, nice fella. his stuff looks great, i'm really into photos and booked him because of his work instead of the price - think it looks cool, so good value for money
the winner Posts: 4148 *)
gottabfp Posts: 5641
cannot recommend eric ronan enough, really passionate about his work. he is list in suppliers on wol. you could not go wrong with him.
neversohappy Posts: 2
Thanks to you all including those who PM'd me. I have a lot to consider here!!!!!